Maine real estate market going strong.

It never fails to be in the local grocery or hardware store, the hair salon, barber shop or out and about in a small community in Maine. Here’s the question always on every Maine home buyer or seller’s mind.

“How’s the Maine real estate market?”

The answer is always where in Maine are you considering buying or selling in today? Maine is one tall, wide state and like the weather that has several zones, real estate market behavior is the same “it depends”. Where in Maine are we talking and what type of property listing are you eyeballing?  Yours truly reaching for a Maine real estate business card in the image below.

maine association of realtors
Gathering To Learn, Network At The Maine Association Of REALTORS State Convention At Samoset Resort.

Just got back from a three day Maine Association of REALTORS state convention.

Here’s the take away for the often asked “how’s the Maine real estate market” question. For starters, a REALTOR, agent, broker does not just list and sell homes in Maine. Land sales in Maine because of the sheer size and lower, spread out population is one big component of listing sales too. Waterfront lots, building sites, land for recreational use with or without a Maine house are highly attractive to real estate buyers around the World. But what about home sweet home in Maine. How do the stats look in a state this big?

samoset realtor convention
The Light House In Rockland ME Out Front Of The Samoset Where ME REALTORS Met This Week.

During COVID, folks seriously hunkered down to search for a new, less crowded location to call home.

To live that had wall to wall strong and long Internet service to telecommute to work. Maine was the number one pick and can you blame folks for pin the tail on Maine? You had lots of fun on vacation in Maine. Why not live where you love to spend four season outdoors for recreation right? So the COVID pandemic helped push Maine real estate property prices and inventory sales up up up.

But remember, where you buy and sell a home in Maine makes a very big difference in the numbers.

Here’s a statewide real estate market in Maine glimpse from MAR.

maine REALTOR convention
Registration For The Learning, Networking. This Year’s Maine REALTORS State Convention At The Samoset In Rockland ME.

At our 2022 Maine state REALTORS convention held this week at Rockland’s Samoset Resort, we learned overall real estate listing inventory is down 10%, home prices are up the same 10%.

Lucky to have the National Association Of REALTOR’s Lawrence Yun, chief economists for the NAR beam in for a ZOOM presentation. The live stream segment was very helpful and all tailor made to just Maine’s real estate market. Maine stands out on the map and there is a good star for affordable housing even with tight inventory supplies.

We are luckier than most and the look out ahead is brighter in Maine for property listing sales in the days ahead. Maine is the way life should be.

maine realtor convention
Maine’s REALTOR Convention Brings In Agents And Brokers From Around The State For Education.

Networking, continuing education credits to renew your Maine real estate license are all great reasons to gather at a state REALTOR  convention.

But the talk around the meal time dinner tables, the sharing what’s it like in your community and real estate market compared to another in Maine is invaluable. You learn outside the continuing education classroom meet up from the conversations in the hallways, during snacks and socializing.

The common denominator is we all know how lucky each of us is to live in Maine and help others buy and sell a piece of property.

There is no other place on Earth I would rather live than in a small rural Maine community. These movers and shakers so active in their Maine communities are the “they” that need to do this or plan for that. During one of the three meals to fuel up at a state convention, you learn about Tom’s a scout leader, his son is working on his eagle scout designation. Pete is from Scotland, lost his wife less than a year ago and shows me a photo of his orange cat.

REALTORS are people, that are part of families, communities and very invested in wherever they live in Maine.

Sheryl has a duty to warm up the crowd and welcome everyone back to the REALTOR convention. Susan makes each convention better and more memorable, helpful than the one before with the help of all the other Maine Association of REALTOR members. The older seasoned veterans who have weathered a few real estate markets help the ones who are brand new with much to learn. But the younger more digital real estate agents, broker help those older analog members of MAR.

It’s like a family that all work their matchmaking magic on the find or sell a home, whatever type of Maine real estate listing type.

samoset resort early morning
Early Morning With Rising Sun, Lots Of Mist, Dew At The 2022 ME REALTOR Convention.

You don’t pay your money to attend an event in small town rural Maine.

You are working behind the scenes yearly to pull off the community event again and again. That’s how you get to know the other residents living around you. Small towns, Maine has over 430 of them, just a handful of cities. Down home simple, friendly, common sense and grateful to live here Maine towns are like that.

More intimate, tighter connected and everyone willing to work for the common good to make the community a the best possible place to live. That’s Maine, what we are listing for sale way beyond the four walls, roof and floor of the structures. The just listed property listings with a silent salesman sign speared in the lawn out front to broadcast hey. This one’s for sale and probably will go into a multi offer scenario so can you say bidding war?

maine realtor real estate market
Maine REALTOR Market Report From Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist ZOOMs In To Annual Meeting.

Will continue to do Maine real estate market reports.

Glad to be back in “The County” and it was a little over 3 hour drive all downhill to arrive at this year’s Maine REALTORS state convention in Rockland ME. No working vacation goes unpunished even with cellphones and the Internet email connections that are your traveling companion. Hope you are enjoying your fall in Maine or wherever you are.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Real Estate Broker

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