Maine news.

Local fresh eyewitness news reporting and personal experiences from folks who live in Maine. That kind of journalism really hits home and delivers the truth. The home grown community news gleaned and presented first hand from the man, woman or child out on the village street or the countryside is my favorite.

maine news
Local Maine News. The Best Kind Comes From The Home Town Local Beat. News From Where It Happens Is Freshest, Most Pertinent.

Like the wisdom from a twelve member jury of your peers if you have ever been called up for court room service. It is refreshing and surprising how much local Mainers deeply invested in their communities possess for wisdom.

The stakes are way higher when the future of your small Maine community is at stake.

But how to poll correctly the sentiments of the local population in small town Maine? You have to trust more than your gut and there needs to be a local forum to encourage it not apathy allowed.

The best Maine news is fresh, live and local.

Eye witness news and you are there. Covering the local beat with your friends, family, neighbors sharing the perspective and collectively adding to the information details. Truth not fiction and presented in a way that mostly locals would relish getting it. Too mundane for national coverage. Just lacking enough pizzazz or excitement to really sizzle and sell on the World stage.

Local Maine news for free.

Instead of a talking head sitting on a lighted set or a newspaper editor tweaking a two thousand word piece, cue a local Mainer. Someone who has spent their life in the home town, others transplanted recently or a number of years back.

Like Noah, gather and cover the Maine news landscape to collect representation across the board of all ages, livelihoods and loaded with a wide variety of interests.

The longer you live here, the better the depth of the historical perspective to draw from to make the best local Maine decisions.

Roll some tape and open up the video and audio channel to collect the raw and personal Maine news from out in the community.

To distill very little and deliver in an unaltered state for their local community member’s benefit. Some Maine news topics can be light and bright. Others not so comfortable but all so very necessary to cover for the greater good of the small Maine community. The folks in a small Maine town really care about each other and there is a strong connection.

The Maine news personal and close to home. Hearing, seeing a local describe what they are up to for a hobby is interested to a local Maine resident. They may be related or from the same home town and like visiting with them to get up to date on what is going on in their life.









Maine news.

Out in the small Maine community and countryside. Using that setting for the presentation to the local audience works best. Collecting bits and pieces of a slew of topics collected to share with the local audience small town communities. Those Maine news soundbites or video loops and black and white copy are the best but rare. Why? Money. Advertising dollars.

local maine news
Local Maine News That Reflects The Area Where It Is Made And Covered. That Kind Of News Beat Works Best For Locals Starved For Maine News!

The money for professionals hired to cover the beat when there are more trees and wildlife than people in the reporting location.

Hard to monetize when the audience is very small and select. This is part of why Maine is such a mystery or best kept secret to many. But also what protects and insulates the vast size state with only so many people scattered within her borders.

“Would I like to you, would I tell you something that isn’t true?” like Annie Lennox sings in the song.

I think we were all taught not to lie growing up and the damage it causes to a person and those around them.

maine news about farming
Farming News, Produce Prices, How’s The Crop Yield. Part Of The Local News Beat For Coverage In The Garden Of Maine, Aroostook County!

Maine political news.

Oh sure when there is a heated election underway, lots of money pours into the media outlets to create the ad spot clusters to carry the message. Loaded into the automation rotation carousel to saturate and inundate until the audience is numb. Especially when the negative campaign rhetoric bombardment blitzkriegs the Maine landscape. That kind of journalistic news campaigning warfare forces many to not energize and rally to a cause but to retreat deeper within yourself.

small town maine news
Local Maine News. Folks In The Community Want Local Happenings And News From Close To Home.

Maine news when the saturation and intensity is high and the fact checking is missing.

On topics you know something about and are not buying what’s being sold. Take a break, stop the World time. The highway to Maine. To run away looking for peace and solitude of a Maine woods camp or waterfront retreat. It’s not cowardly but more a feeling of overwhelmed. A cocktail of a dash of a little distrust mixed shaken and stirred with a twist of futility. So much energy and drama and emotion makes the noise hurt your heart and head.

Solutions not just complaint. Attacking problems not people. What can the average local Mainer do to help move the community in the right direction? Stay positive. Rise above and be civil, keeping an open mind and looking at the state of affairs with a realistic approach.

Maine news that applies to the small town and of great interest to all in the village, out in the country landscape.

Where are we, where were we, where are we going and what can I do to help nudge things in that direction. Getting the majority in your small population corner of Maine pulling together. Everyone to agree which trail is best to take ahead starts with the truth and Maine news based on facts not opinion. That’s kind of Maine news is going to require more local conversations from those most affected from the outcome of some pretty important local decisions that need to be made.

local maine news
What’s Happening Around You In Uncrowded Maine. That Kind Of News That Impacts Families That Is Home Grown Is Spread More By Locals Than Media Outlets.

Getting the best information for the Maine community to use to make the best decisions moving forward.

No news is not good news. But hit or miss or slanted news is worse and does more damage. Maine news from the local perspective gleaned from the community where it is being made. To be appropriate and helpful, the Maine news better accurately reflect what is happening today within the state, county and local town limits. For a rock solid sound foundation to build on for a small Maine community or region or state to sustain and prosper based on the truth.

The local Maine news coverage unique to the part of Maine where is made is hard to get on a consistent delivery basis without a commercial enterprise inking the press type or turning on the sound and blinking red camera light.

michael clark houlton me
Michael Clark, Dedicated Local Rotarian, Past District Governor, Paul Harris Fellow. RIP Michael A Clark. You Are Missed.

The by far best when the presenter is honest, personal, and pretty accurate because the “report” is factual and not fiction.

Nothing to gain misrepresenting the news and always delivered with colorful expressions and a seasoning of other local reference sources. The local Maine news grapevine can be serious topics hashed out among whoever dropped  by a local small Maine business establishment. Or featuring fishing, hunting, local sporting truth stretched a bit or sprinkled with some friendly teasing. Fact checkers doing clean up to make sure of the authenticity of the conversation exchange? Nope.

It used to be the five W’s reported digging and collecting just the facts by journalists and broadcasters thoroughly researching a subject.

Then like coffee, entertainment sweetener was added because the audience developed a shorter attention span. News to not just inform morphed into news to amuse. To entertain, to push an agenda develop. Mass media feeding everyone truth or dare. So reporters developed their own style and approach to how to twist and shout today’s news to make it fun not boring. Personal opinion shows through in the news delivery on purpose for ratings and ad dollars.

Give them what they want. Get the widow on the set.

People like dirty laundry titillating delivered by the bubble headed bleached blond not just meh taste boring cold hard factual from the guy wearing the horn rimmed spectacles. Because that’s the way it is at the end of every newscast according to Walter. You used to only have a few flavors of news not as many as the number of colors in the rainbow for selection. For getting what you want to hear presented just the way you like it sliced and diced. No thank you. I rely more and more on the local Maine news grapevine.

maine farn kabd
The Local Landscape Maine News. Not Exciting Enough For Someone After Entertainment Value. How’s Emma Feeling? Did You Get Your House Banked Elmer? The Local News From Folks You Know And Care About… That’s What Locals Care About In Small Maine Towns.


The national audience became more segmented, polarized by what they are fed as gospel.

And to go after those low hanging advertising dollar demographics more flavors of news sources sprung up. Not just chocolate and vanilla, black and white news reporting these days. And as you pick a channel flavor of news to plug into daily, you are fed from a particular slant what you want to hear and believe.

When the Maine news is generated by local reporters who live in Vacationland, it’s way more accurate.

It’s more realistic and less Hollywood filtered and enhanced. It’s less valuable to the small Maine town.When the news gathering arm is out of state, on a different coast, much of what is reported does not seem to pertain to small town rural Maine. It is not that useful or helpful. It wastes daylight that is time better put to other purposed on the to do list.

I had a conversation with a California wanna be Maine home buyer yesterday who used to live in Maine and misses life here.

In his area, he said when a new person moved into his neighborhood in Maine the folks close by whipped up covered dishes to present. To say hello, welcome to the area. Where he has lived in California folks just don’t take the time or extend the same set of courtesy. Same thing happens at his church. When an older person can not get themselves to worship, he and his wife offered to pick them up if along the way.

small maine town country farm
Covered Bridge That’s One Lane, Wait Your Turn. Not Six Wide And Hurry Scurry Where Highways Are Fast, Stacked And Packed In Gridlock. That’s Not Maine.

And back in Maine anyone living near them did the same to help an elderly person attend a church service.

You don’t neglect them, you cherish them and look forward to their pearls of wisdom picked up as you do a good deed assisting their transportation to and fro. But on the other coast, those same church folk are left out and not included like they are discarded. Pretty sad and something to look forward to as you climb the hill but are not quite over it yet but the day is coming.

In small town rural Maine, we are brought up to do lots of for the good of the community actions. Many that are not even thought about until someone points out they don’t do that where I live now outside of Maine. Who wouldn’t want to rather live where traffic and crime are missing. Where folks worry and care for each other on a daily basis and you feel strongly connected? Instead of just existing as one more blank face in the  sea of sameness crowd.

Jammed together but pushed apart seeking more personal space. Maine does not lack personal affordable wide open space.

Maybe the division in the country is a lot about country and city mouse approach to living and the coronavirus will force a bigger shift telecommuting to work online remotely to small Maine towns. I see it already happening so much in my day job. Since last March, bailing out and getting to Maine has been a frivolous mission of many who are hungry for small town living. Social distancing is easy in small Maine rural towns.

maine news
How’s The Maine Lobster Catch? Prices Up Or Down? What’s The Fishing Industry Going Through Along The Coast? That Is Important Local Maine News.

Where the news report originates outside of Maine makes a big difference.

If the lifestyle is vastly different, if the take home pay checks are way different sizes, then the news substance may not hit home the same. When you have been brought up to be frugal and manage money wisely but witnessing it wasted in a higher cost of living news market that delivers you information. The norm there has to clash with the one in your small Maine town that struggles to keep its population numbers from dropping.

Editorials used to be the only lone news hour or newsprint segment slot to get personal opinion.

Otherwise it was check your sources, interview lots of authorities to avoid flawed shoddy reporting. I remember Maine Broadcasting’s general manager Fred Nutter in Portland or Bangor’s Margo Cobb presenting editorials. They were clearly thought out and not sharp edge mud slinging. Just a personal plea that Maine needed to go in this or that direction and why. Nothing sold to the audience but just legitimate concern that we as a state should all share. Pointed out that we needed to be putting more effort into this area or pulling back from too much resource excess in another one and explaining why.

How many times do you Google to find thorough information and have to wade up to your knees in fluff and recycled same old same old bits and pieces?

Like a slow drip of low level propaganda the audience is sold and educated from the spin. Or just fed the same old skim repackage and sold as new and improved news. If you want real, fair and objective news, you need to read several sources. Take the time to not just glean quick doses of headlines. Make the time to do the research and look hard for the truth. The what’s left out. Not to get just scrape the surface headline news. Blogging took off because you begin to trust the down to Earth guy or gal on the street’s honesty and sincerity. Way way more than the slick paid professional sensationalizing today’s news using the read read read then big smile teleprompter. News generated by someone who lives where you do is home cooked and healthy. Being fed what to think from someone who could not find where you live in Maine without GPS is not.

maine news
Local Maine News, Getting It From Within The Boundaries Of The State, County, Local Rural Town. Collected From  Small Town Events, A Corner Grocery Store.

Question the validity of a poll, learn who was asked, from where, when and how large a sample.

If “experts say” who is being touted as an authority? Same folks drawn from for the news or lots of new voices in the mix for a healthier perspective and something new and different? The guy or gal who try to keep you hanging and tuned in for what’s after the next advertising spot cluster. Go to the bathroom, take a quick trip to the kitchen for a snack if you must but be back here couch side in two minutes audience for more what’s served up just the way you like it “news”.

The news reporter can do it using the five w’s.

Tap lots of news sources to glean and distill what is missing or clearly bent to achieve a purpose but keeping an open mind presenting with fair and objective.

I disagree with the broad brush statement There’s no such thing as truly objective, fact-based reporting.   You have to dig, research and ask folks in the field not just rely on newscasters dumbing it down or missing the facts.  The first rule in blogging is to write about what you know. Because you draw from experience, the truth and nothing is fabricated. It’s real, the truth without the fictional spin seasoning.

littlre red log lake Maine camp
The Snug As a Bug In The Little Red Log Maine Lake Camp. Telecommuting From Maine. One Good Thing Salvaged From The Coronavirus Pandemic.

The blogging post should be a conversation with your reader.

Whoever follows you should be contributing to that conversation and often times the down below comments are the real flesh of the story. Because it is not just from one person’s perspective but from many voices out in the audience. The elections are over, the Maine population is prepared for winter and new work arounds should the coronavirus low numbers start to spike. Just grateful they are low virus numbers. That folks are doing their part. And like a Maine winter, we’re prepared for anything ahead. Not just planning to survive but to make the most of whatever we have to work with and to come out on top.

Keep it simple, stay positive, look out for each other and be kind.

Do your part and pitch in to be careful what you say, how you state it and examine the reasons why you feel the way you do about something. And consider how that helps or hurts looking for the best solution at hand. I think most down to Earth Mainers from small town experiences and drawing from The values they were raised with are doing that. Just my humble two cents. As I finish up this early morning Maine blog post. Typed out as the wind picks up, the temperature drops and  cold lake water splashes against a concrete retainer wall out front, I feel happy to live in small rural Maine.

My oldest daughter letting her small dog out to do his business walks over from the next door log home pictured above. The one where she, her husband have been telecommuting to work while raising a new born grandson.

Patting the dog who comes in through the glass slider opened a little to say good morning we have an exchange. Being near family is more important than ever. I think the coronavirus makes  everyone examine where they live and why and ask is it time for a different way? I see it at work as so so many question what is missing. Asking themselves where should I be headed with plenty of soul searching surrounding the where to go, when and why.

Maine news, thank you for hanging in there that long to get to the bottom of this most recent blog post. We are used to challenges and work hard for everything we have and don’t expect it to come easily. I think in Maine we appreciate what we have more because we realize it’s not like this many other places. Keeping it real, making it honest and unspun, Maine is the way life should be.

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