Living in Maine.

These are the best of times if you accept, adjust, adapt, and creatively do the best you can with a positive spirit. When you grow up in rural Maine, being resourceful and collectively as a community tackling change happens. If this is your first setback, life is harder. These can be the good old days twenty years from now. Never discount that the going could get tougher before it improves or is predictable right?

Is life easy or hard or meh?

If you were taught to look for bumps in the road, to expect them, not be surprised. Being eagle eyed and aware. Learning how to make the most of events. If you can do that, you will be better off than most. An optimistic approach to life gives you and others around you hope, helps to keep the faith and to expect change. You stay optimistic when you daily remind yourself, when you give thanks and are grateful for others in your life. You become way way more aware of what is happening around you in nature. The wildlife get noticed and have a daily roll in your entertainment and fulfillment in Maine.

Otters Play, Get Social At 5AM On A Maine Lake Video.

When you are spoiled and don’t worry about others around you, you wear a thick life darkening blindfold.

You are not an asset to your small Maine town. We are all in this together is how the tides life up the small Maine community. Having faith and channeling physical and mental energies into efforts that will help yourself and others is the best course of action.

Would you be better off living somewhere else means some areas will suffer hardships, others get through the adjustment piece of cake.

COVID19 can make a person have a serious heart to heart with the guy or gal in the mirror. Change is part of life. Self inflicted change makes it easier to roll with the punches and accept adjustment. Surprises get swallowed easier when you expect them. If you don’t think the way life is unfolding should be happening to you, you forget and no longer care that others are in the same boat. Or that may have it much worse than you.

amish wagon heading to church
Heading To Church On A Maine Country Road. Amish Weight Distribution Off Or There’s A Broken Leaf Spring.

Many preach we all need to strive for a simpler life.

But the bigger question is why do we complicate and clutter it? Is something missing in your life? Do you feel fulfilled or no matter how good things are rolling, you have a capacity to find fault? To wish for more instead of being grateful for how lucky you are with what you already have. Do you want to be happy? Is full of joy a textbook definition but not in your opinion a real world expectation? Based on what you were taught by others close to you growing up around you, have you seen the power of just what a positive attitude can accomplish?

The COVID19’s coronavirus pandemic like any setback should make you and I take inventory of what I need to do for more than mere survival.

Wanting to to more than just get by but to help your community is something we all strive to do in small Maine communities. Maybe life is a little harder and we are a tad more self reliant rather than expecting others to help us carry the load. But that strain and daily stress is what keeps you in the real World game when real change comes along.

What if I lost my job, if health failed, a fire wiped everything out?

Taking precautions to minimize the chances of a total wipe out is part of the insurance. But living below your means so you have a little nest egg to carry you through should be part of the gig. Not expecting someone, anyone else or a government institution to swoop in and fix the problem helps empower you. To be more in charge of your destiny and quality of life.

I feel badly for folks jammed in a city setting that don’t live in Maine.

It must be hard watching life around you tighten up and lots of what you loved about where you live dry up and stall. But when social distancing is easier because we are populated 11 to a mile,

ice freezing in maine
See The Circle Of Ice? Maine Winters Produce Lots Of It For Ice Fishing.

when what we do for fun is not heavily dollar based, life in rural Maine makes for a better back drop. Living simpler is easier when you are just grateful to have shelter, to live where you enjoy amazing sunrises, spectacular sunsets and it is lower cost to hang your hat in rural Maine.

COVID19 forces a person to seriously examine where I live and why.

Many are eyeballing Maine as the next stop. What you need out of life changes with or without a coronavirus or an edgy country sharply divided right down the middle. Where do I want to live and what can I do to improve my surroundings for me, my family, for others in the community? I believe you can do so much good in a small Maine community and the reward is great.

Many are making the transition to Maine for what we don’t have.

Traffic, crime, insincerity, pollution. For the long list of what we do that is not longer available in the city landscape or never was. Space, trails, hideaways below radar. When you see others step up to do more and a possess a strong consistent concern for others around you.

Maine simple living frees up a person in many ways.

Pitching in and working collectively. That is one beautiful experience because no one person could pull it off without the combined community segments firing on all the cylinders behind the drive to do the right thing. Everyone on the same page creates no sour notes and their more harmonious major not minor chords.

How are you making out?

How’s life treating you? Figure you have it better than most? Is it like last call and the bright lights suddenly came on. The proprietor putting turned over chairs up on tables and making hand motions to propel you to the parking lot door? Muttering more than once “Last call”.  Then “We don’t care where you go but you can not stay here”.

Maine has four seasons and all are enjoyed, all spend outdoors. Living in Maine, there is a sadness as one season passes but quickly we embrace the next. As you get older, time flies and life becomes shorter. The seasons too brisk and it is up to us to make time to fill each of them with outdoor traditions. Our pastimes in Maine are 90% outdoors where wildlife, natural resources are ready to enjoy without crowds of people to interfere with the experience. Looking for Maine, the way life should be?

Time to float or fly?

Where would you go if you did not live where you do now? Have you been thinking Maine makes sense for a part time, full time investment?

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