Living on less, you considering moving to Maine?

Roughly 38 million people spent time visiting Maine last year and 1.2 million people actually live here. That’s an awful lot of outside interest in Maine. Simple living, getting by pretty easily on less. The four seasons pure and natural unspoiled beauty is a big part of the attraction too. Lots of space, friendlier people and no traffic, less crime does not go unnoticed either by those considering moving to Maine.

home grown simple living
Craft Fairs, Pot Luck Suppers, Serving On Local Boards. Being Outdoors Year Round For Recreation. Small Town Living In Maine Is Like That.

The folks that cross over the river on the south end entrance of Maine via the big green bridge.

The float in the boat drifting into a Maine harbor town kind at three thousand a clip short visits.

Coming ashore to gather souvenirs, eat some boiled lobsters, steamed clams. Topping it all off with a whoopie pie. Maybe some  hot, fresh, large sized generous helping of native Maine blueberry pie.  Topped with farm freezing cold ice cream scoop or two.

Or those tourists to Maine flocking across the many International borders crossing check points shared with the Canadian provinces. Siphoning off some of that ebb and flow to add to the small Maine town population from all those millions of visits. Lots of Canadians “over home” do move to Maine. Love interests can play a part. Which side of the boundary border has the biggest hassle with immigration paperwork can decide in the coin toss pick a side. On where to move to be together on one side and no longer apart.

No matter how you got here, your exposure or passion to what on the visit, what would entice someone to consider moving to Maine and staying?

Toying with the idea what if I moved to Maine yourself? Can you see yourself moving to Maine? What’s holding you back? What you gain, what is perceived you give up deserves discussion. It is an individual decision based on lots of factors that can change. Preparing for the next chapter of life is not a snap decision. You don’t recover from mistakes made later in life as fast as you learn from the lessons that come out of the the earlier ones.

For starters, how much of Maine has you seen first hand? How far up into Maine anyone goes depends on precious time. Maine is tall and wide. Whether arriving on a silver bird, it matters not if the visit is by land, sea or air.

How to coax some of those vacationers to consider moving to Maine?

Not just visit here and leave takes first hand exposure. The further you go, the living on less, getting more becomes obvious. Not just on the real estate prices either. Although that is a big driving force in the moving to Maine desire for sure.

The easiest segment to entice to move to Maine are those who grew up here.

outdoor fun in maine
Paddle, Drift, Gawk. Witness Small Town Maine. What It Is Really Like Living Here.

Moved away to obtain career goals and paycheck expectations. But when the time is right, many of the relocated, moved away locals intend to return. The back to Maine folks driven for personal reasons. Sometimes because of an ailing, aging parent. More often due to they enjoyed living in Maine while growing up here. Know first hand the true benefits of small town living. Preach to that choir.

Living on less, moving to Maine is a good habit to practice again.

Those who attended college in Vacationland could be encouraged to move to Maine. Another prime and captive audience to tap on the shoulder. To invite them back to what was their home at one fond memories period of life. The educational period of time stint living in small town Maine.

The majority of Maine is small rural towns where volunteering is essential for its survival and growth.

small towns in maine pride
Local Sporting Teams Put Small Towns On The Map. Our Kids Are The Entertainment. The Hope For The Future The Entire Village Guides.

Those native Mainers who have been away bring back lots of skills, experiences, talents that small towns need to reinvent and prosper.

Planting the seed of moving to Maine is watered and fed by the locals the vacationer experiences during the frequent return visits. The folks who live here full time in Maine are who really control who moves to Maine or not though.

Good positive attitude and work ethic, honest values if shown to someone brand new to Maine, you will get recruits and converts.

Folks who are ready. Many sick and tired of city living. Wanting to gravitate to what you locals have. Liking how you natives display the local pride in the small Maine town. If the same new to the area folks get exposed to whining, complaint and negative lament. Well who wants be around that tone? Your hometown will be crossed off the list of possible places consider for a move to Maine if the notes played are sour.

ice cream dairy bars in maine
Simple Pleasures Like Social Stops To Sample Something Cold And Sweet At A Local Maine Dairy Bar.

Living on less is not limiting but freeing.

Everything does not revolve around money when it is removed from all the daily considerations. Retail therapy self medication lessens and then goes away.

Like a diet to avoid excessive out of control spending, simple living in Maine forces moderation. And easy does it and self examination. Sorting out what is real and good that fires you up that you pursue as worthwhile.

Small town living is home made, all natural and without the layers of players only money can fuel. Living on less, getting more for little. Tightening up and better spending impulse control helps all of us. Especially the kids who watch and learn from our lead habits.

The local native population of Maine’s communities is the carrot creating the atmosphere someone new to the area considers in a relocation move or not.

Small town living in Maine puts a person on the front line defending the home town’s existence. Whatever you do can make a difference. When getting involved, you quickly see where you can help out the most. Joining forces with other locals that care about their small Maine town forms lasting friendships. Agreed, not everyone is a joiner, not in the habit of volunteering to give joy to others beyond themselves.

Moving to Maine’s relocation changes a person’s heart and head. Festering leads to what is needed to fix and remove it.

The strong tug on the heart strings usually happens during vacations. Seeing first hand how the local

home made simple living
Make It Yourself, Peddle It At A Craft Fair. Meet Other Artisans, Neat People. That’s Small Town Maine Living.

Maine population treats each others is compared to where they live now out of state. Maine is the way life should be for many. Living on less, getting more value. That’s healthy for the wallet or pocketbook.

Oh sure, job promotion, maybe being stationed at Loring Air Force Base when it was in Limestone. Or the while wearing the uniform at Brunswick or Cutler Naval station air stations in the service got your feet wet. Maine is in your past. It can be in your future. Living on less, moving to Maine can be deja vu because you already did and liked it.


Love of hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, snowmobiling and down hill or cross country skiing could have been the bug you caught while enjoying Maine.

If you are approaching retirement, double back to Maine that was a pleasant experience earlier in your life is the draw. You looking for a job, employment first to consider the relocation move to Maine?

Living in a small town in Maine.

Adapting the way of life without losing it. The traditions need to remain but the addition of what folks have to have to live today is part of the puzzle. The person moving to Maine accepting what is going to be different because of less people. That’s part of the relocation success. Less public funding money to throw at projects and a greater need for volunteers and personal contributions to fund them. But there is the joy to be had in the moving to Maine consideration. Learn more about Northern Maine for example. One great example of living on less, moving to Maine to get so much more that’s been missing.

small town maine sports
Cheering, Hooting, Hollering For The Home Team! Local Sporting Teams In Maine Small Towns Are Big Draw Entertainers.

The internet and interstate threaten  small town living in Maine as much as they can preserve it with creative home grown applications.

Small town living in Maine is not the secret it once was thanks to social media.

People show and tell where they went up to Maine complete with recommendations, photo streams and travel tips. Those taking in the posts can decide wait a minute. Less spending, moving to Maine could be sound advice for me to consider if they like what they see.

The more time, attention and personal finances you pour into wherever you live, the greater the satisfaction. Knowing you and about a hundred others were personally responsible. That leads to others pitch in and work together missions living in a small Maine town.

And if we can achieve this, this and that, how about tackling other issues? The many facing the small Maine towns using a regional approach to pool your resources and stretch those dollars. The living on less spills spending. How we handled our own personal check book handling better match how we write the small town checks.

Working remotely, living in Maine but with a little travel out of state is a growing segment in the moving to Maine group. No one is going to give up that tethered or wireless internet connection at work or play.

I daily work with the telecommuters and their special bandwidth technical requirement needs in my day job.

In small town living in Maine, you have a say, can make a difference and apathy goes away. Reality enters the picture to temper the fire in your belly. The one communication on the local level opens up. Creative juices and brainstorming as group always finds a way to make it better than it was. To rise to the challenge of survival that faces every small town in Maine today.

There are constant pressures to keep an eye on living in a small Maine town. Bleeding out happens quicker when there is not a stash of cash to keep the small town operations humming smoothly. Mistakes are costly and threaten the small Maine town simple living way of life. That’s why we practice easy does. Living on less personally and making sure our small town budgets are not bloated.

simple small town living
Maine Is Outdoors, Less People, More Time Spent In Nature’s Beauty.

Moving to Maine, are you in the planning stages?

Living on less, getting more. It’s not quite like the Walgreen’s commercial where in a perfect World it would be …(spin the yarn). We face harsh realities that can not be ignored. But we prepare for them, tame them.

Personality clashes, pass histories, hurt feelings when your idea is not embraced in committee meetings. Everyone has to be tough skinned and tender hearted for progress to happen.

Everyone who lives in Maine has a big job.

To be the ambassador who is friendly, not a whiner. Who does not complain but is a cheerleader. You can not allow discouragement. No good comes from anything toxic that robs excitement,  brainstorming for solutions.Then implementing them with modifications along the way. Living on less, why you moved to Maine. You had joy, you were the cause of it for others. Your bucket list better contain the scribbled line items on it that helped your small Maine town.

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