When you make the switch, find yourself moving to a small town in Maine.

Everything is not going to rock and roll the exact same. In small town Maine living, you enjoy the lack of traffic, the low level of crime.

Rafting Down Whitewater In Maine. How Many Times On Which Rivers In Maine?

The way small town folks wave at you and smile. Let you go first at a four way stop sign. Or hold a door open so you can scoot in or out. They are helpful and polite. That can change a little if you are a complainer. Or start finding fault with the small town living. Comparing Maine to where you used to live before the move in a negative light is not pleasant. Makes the locals wonder why did you move here then? They can bitch and moan but for the first year especially ease up on the whining yourself. The locals are proud of their area, worked hard to get it where it is. They want you to pitch in, not take pot shots and put down the small Maine town.

Right off the bat you notice a friendlier atmosphere in Maine.

Lower cost real estate, access to the great outdoors happens easily. No matter which direction you head out of town to experience the country. The woods, water, wildlife are on all the well connected recreational trails. But. When it is time to call a plumber, electrician, carpenter or mason. It could take a little time to get a response or the job you need done performed. Why? If someone is skilled, charges a reasonable price, they are in demand in a small Maine town. They are worth the wait and you learn to plan for the project renovation.
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Maine, Drop Dead Gorgeous. Low Priced Property, Lacking Crime, Crowds, Traffic.
Something major for building construction means being the first guy out of the gate in spring. Finishing off that new addition in the middle of winter when work slows down and it is easier finding your tradesmen. Or Maine is all about doing more yourself and relying less on others.

Money is tighter in a small Maine town and we are raised to be jack of all trades.

Hiring everything done and wearing out the yellow pages is not the Maine way. You miss a lot of the satisfaction when you are not hands on and knee deep involved in the repair or renovation.
Live And Local. You Are In The Front Row Of The Event Working It Happens In Small Maine Town LIving.

You might think if there is lag time getting a tradesmen to arrive on the job at your place in Maine that more of them are needed.

Feast or famine happens in small rural areas of Maine. In the dead of summer we could use another two or three players in every profession layer. Around February, after the pair of holidays at the end of the calendar year, the shortage disappears. Availability improves and you learn to go with the flow. You catch the rhythm of the local work force. And like the best time to vacation around the shoulder seasons going in and coming out, expansion projects need planning. To get who you want, at a price that is best for the quality of work received.

Once you get your local small town professionals working for you, don’t put them off getting settled up.

Pay them what the bill that matches their estimate spells out. Don’t make them wait, don’t play any games trying to get something extra or stringing them along with payment.
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Come And Get It. Fish For Free Are Fresh In A Maine Lake. Adult Loons Are Excellent Anglers To Feed Their Young!
Word gets around in a small Maine town quickly. Good or bad your new to town reputation is golden or tarnished due to how you treat the locals. Unlike a city where you find the list is long. To one by one track down someone that can come right over to fix that leak. Or help get your furnace purring and heat restored.

The remodeling or any much needed repair in a small rural Maine town can require lots of patience.

Some Maine construction companies prefer to do large jobs, not the little ones. When they are away on the road, not enough professionals can be in the small Maine town to handle the workload. The one man shows, where you know exactly who you are going to get and what quality of work for what size bill are super. They are affordable because their overhead is under control. But they are busy and worth waiting for if you can.
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Sugar Coated Maine, Don’t Miss A Season, Make Winter Sparkle Part Of Your Vacation Plans.

When you learn a project was canceled and your local carpenter, plumber, electrician, whatever profession is available, you jump on the change to invite them over.

To tackle your job jar items bigger than your expertise level. In health care facilities in small Maine towns, there are times when the work load is enough for one and a half specialty doctors but not quite two. Timing is everything when you get sick or need an operation. Doctor vacation schedules can mess up life for those in small Maine towns needing medical help.
The Maine Blueberry Crew Field Rakers Are a Motley Bunch.

Moving to a small Maine town.

So much to like about the pure and natural, the unspoiled outdoor living. The relationships are deeper because you are more involved in small town living. Especially living in small Maine towns under 4000 population. The circles you travel are smaller and less people means you get to know the others around you. You will be serving on local community boards, working in service and civic clubs, school and church projects in a small Maine town. I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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