One lone sea gull. On a rock off the point I live on at a Maine lake.

That white bird usually found along the coastal areas of Maine did not talk to himself. Did not have much for company while summer living is enjoyed by the happy campers on the Maine waterfront.

maine lake loons
Maine Lake Loons, Many Other Birds Too On The Waterfront!

But this year was different. He has company. There is lots of chatter. The several sea gulls are very verbal. Or sometimes calm and even silent like Quaker’s meeting has begun another round. No in between. And other birds are visiting the rock reef breakwater jutting out from the peninsula location. That has become like a bird airport.

Different kinds of winged wonders are showing up to be social. To dive bomb fish together with the other birds that hang out sitting on the rocks during all kinds of weather. Low water is the rule of this dry summer where rain is in shortage. And the local farm fields, the streams, rivers, lakes and ponds need the water like the desert needs the rain as the song goes.

I am used to seeing the pesky white sea gulls circling and trolling over Maine beaches.

To eye spy with their little sharp pair of peepers a french fry, an animal cracker, a chip. To swoop, snatch and take it away in the blink of an eye. From a small child who is unaware their snack is under surveillance. These sea gulls don’t dive bomb the lake home.

maine lake ducks
Maine Lakes, A Resource Shared With Birds Of All Kinds Like Duck Families.

It is not like an Alfred Hitchcock black and white movies that were ahead of their time in suspense building inside the film viewer. You don’t worry about attach or being terrorized.

They don’t seem to care when you set up a pair of chairs at the point of the lake lot. To observe, to watch more closely the interaction and hear the spirited exchanges. That make you wonder what is the topic of communication that causes so much chatter among the winged wonders.

Just like when Maine loons cry a series of sounds late at night when you lay your head in the bed and enjoy the summer lake breeze. Dreaming about what to do tomorrow around the Maine lake setting. As you wait patiently for the sand man to deliver his magical medication you can not get over the counter.

maine sea gulls
Sea Gulls On Maine Lakes! They Don’t Just Entertain On The Coast Line.

The bald eagles flying by and fighting in mid air over a fish happens too.

One rolling over high overhead. Attacking with talons pointed up and hooking in underneath the other mid flight. That still happens. Fighting over a fish. Music and tunes of all kinds of Maine birds. The loons especially are famous for that lake serenade.

The mother loon with the babies growing big and strong as they glide by like the ducks quacking as the young draft. Paddling for all they are worth to keep up with Mom and hoping for a bread supper. From a camper not warned what happens when you start the habit of feeding them.

And what other kinds of lake birds add to the experience. Those pretty, graceful but dreaded Canadian geese that can plague a Maine lake lot. The birds on a Maine lake are a big part of the entertainment on the waterfront. If living there or just visiting the fun kind of h20 Maine has plenty of to share. The waterfront that is always crystal clear and uncrowded. Cormorants in pretty midnight black stealth colors touch and go land out front the Maine lake retreat too!

Maine Lake Herons.
Herons On Maine Lakes. They Show Up To Entertain The Happy Campers.

The little brown sparrows, the barn swallows, the red breasted robins hopping for worms. The brilliant color humming birds too show up daily for sweet to eat treats of floral nectar.

All the aviators on their rounds like heron, other birds that made me reach for a book on the subject of water feathered fowl. The sea gulls surprise me this far north from a sandy ocean beach. Anytime I am used to seeing a number of them was in a coastal setting of Maine. Like say Wells Beach, Maine. Or at the local McDonalds hanging around the golden arches. Mickey Dee’s french fries are a crowd pleaser and a bird weakness addiction it appears.

The crickets, lightning bugs, the bull frogs tune up as the sunset turns the sky to dusk and then a velvet sky backdrop of millions of stars. No light pollution to spoil the sparkle as you sit and reflect in front of a glowing, snap crackle pop camp fire ring.

Maine is wide open space, vast woods, clear farm fields and rolling pastures. Clean water, fresh air, and plenty of unspoiled space. Not as many people, boat loads of wildlife. Heron pictured resting his wings as he surveys the Maine lake for fresh fish dinner prospects. Other birds compare notes, share the rock reef grapevine in front of where I am lucky to spend summers on a Maine lake.

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