The leaf color in Maine, dry conditions affect the scenery ahead.

The start of following the Maine fall foliage reports begin this week. Northern Maine is at or near the peak of fall color by the end of September. Hiking Maine in the fall is more breathtaking with the explosion of color. Tourism from leaf peekers is a big source of revenue through out Maine. Weather, soil temperature, water all contribute to the science of what tree leaf shades, which colors show up in the fall display that takes your breath away.

maine water fall autumn leaf colors
Add Water To Maine Fall Leaf Colors. It Hits You Hard With A Positive Impression Of Maine.

While exploring the different sections of Maine that bloom in brilliant color, taking in farm operations and agricultural fairs, coastal  festivals should be on your activities calendar too.

The fall bounty of autumn in Maine involves fresh air, forest colors, local food and a glimpse at what makes each region of Maine special. Harvest suppers, cooler mornings and nights, the steam on Maine’s lakes, ponds, rivers add to the crisp clean air as Jack Frost’s fall color scheme. Summer kitchen in the older housing stock put into canning operations.

The root cellar shelves in older Maine farmstead homes are slowly stocked with everything from bread and butter pickles to beets, carrots, green beans and corn.

john deere maine farm machinery
Nothing Runs Like A Deere, Well Until A Rock In The Digger Bed Jams, Causes Problems That Stop The Field Harvest In Its Tracks.

Garden garlic is hung to dry. Barrels of potatoes are filled to provide supper meal time fare and stored at thirty seven degrees. Grass fed beef is processed and wraps, freezer packed in portions to reflect and match the number of plates around the dinner table.

Maine barns are filled with square bales, the farm fields have rows of large twelve hundred pound hay rolls collected from rich pasture land. Farmers markets are booming as the harvest of crops is underway in small Maine communities.

Local farmers enjoy the field run cash generated from farm to table in the crops not needed to be stored, graded and shipped to out of state markets. Both organic and conventional farming operators creating new dollars to the local economies of small Maine towns. With everyone well aware of the logic of  “no farmer, no food”. Enjoying knowing where their meal ingredients come from, who grew it and what it endured to get from farm field to the kitchen bins to star in a family meal.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.
Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine. All Four Seasons In Vacationland.

The pretty sight of downed trees. Cleaned up blow downs to stuff a Maine wood stove. Tree length lumber appearing out behind Maine country homes, which will be processed in shorter pieces chain sawed to match the wood stove depth they will propel.


Maybe 16′ for the kitchen wood cook stove but 22′ for the cellar furnace. Or three, four foot sized to stuff into an outdoor wood boiler. This renewable resource parked for all to see represents next year’s winter heating wood. This season’s heating season wood already cut, split, dried and placed in woodsheds. Or down through open windows with wooden sluice to speed up the deliver of maple, beech, ash, birch and more. Maybe the heavy heating wood pieces are marched into outside basement in a bucket brigade of several pairs of hands. Through hatches to end up being placed in tidy rows in house cellars around the state of Maine. The warm your buns BTU savings bank stacked in cord after cord eight foot by four foot formation to be drawn from steadily as the thermometer mercury dips in the tube.

Winter storm windows added as their screen counter parts are stored away safe and sound in a Maine home or carriage house.

Home foundations are banked for the winter as the oldest field stone cellars get wrapped smartly for the winter weather ahead. The buzz around small Maine towns is about who has the best deal on heating oil or wood pellets. And should this be the year that a heat pump is added to the home heating arsenal of choices. Polling those who have them hanging off their home to see if they really work when the coldest temperatures appear outside a Maine residence.

Maine Outdoor Land Views
The View At Your Picnic In Maine. It Adds To The Home Made Taste Of Whatever Is Packed Away In The Picnic Basket As You Take A Hiking Break To Gaze, Gawk At The Spendor Of Fall Colors.

Season tickets at Maine snow ski areas are on sale in the weeks ahead.

The Penobscot Valley Ski Club Swap is October 14th, 2017 from 9 am to 4 pm. There are lots of other snow ski swaps that will appear in the weeks ahead Maine headlines. Families gather to buy new equipment at swap meets. To price to sell the out grown ski accessories that need to find new homes for winter cross country and down hill use. Summer water toys from the Maine lake are stored away as fall hunting camps are opened up. Ice hockey skates are sharped up as kayaks get put away behind snow sleds moved ahead in the garage. To be positioned closer to the garage door opening when the green grass changes to a blanket of white fluffy new snow.

Outdoor fires at night to warm the ring of guests invited over to enjoy social time after apple cider production. Snow blowers and plow trucks are thought about before they are needed to be put into action. For when snow flakes are in the Maine weather forecast.

Young grasshoppers are taught what matters most. Simplify and be prepared the order of the day when you practice back to basics living. Mainers are prepared and live comfortably, less complicated lives because of it. Hanging loose, staying cool and living in the moment but planning for the season ahead. Our needs outweigh our list of wants. Deep contentment, inner joy is the by product enhancing our lives in small town rural Maine.

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