Maine. Practical, simple ways of performing routine tasks.

Natural short cuts and knowing what happens if you don’t take them. When you grow up in Maine, the rural living prepares you for so much. That you only really appreciate when you leave Maine and end up in an urban areas where not everyone is crossed trained. Not everyone learned carpentry skills, how to work on mechanics, and all the practical ways to approach everything you do in life.

maine horses
Not Losing Old Ways Of Doing Things. Maine Is The Blend Of Old And New. The Pace Slow Enough For Pleasure Horses For Example. Or Working Ones Too.

It is easy living in Maine to figure everyone on the planet third from the Sun had the same on the job training for life growing up.

Folks that went to city jobs after the war ended because local employment was sagging found out quickly how much they were worth to a factory. Because you were asked in line as job applicants who is from Maine? Hands go up, the Maine applicant for the job was hired over someone not from the Pine Tree State. Because it was a given that work ethic came ingrained inside each and every individual from Maine’s DNA.

So back to the basics, the simple way of life in Maine where less complicated is always the best pathway to take.

Where doing things without pressure and last minute gun to your head urgency is the plan Stan. We are prepared, we live like we are ready for the worse but hoping for the best. We are grateful for however it turns out because positive attitudes keep folks working together. To avoid bogging down and getting mired down in negativity. Common sense still works and is applied through out the villages of rural Maine. Simple does work best.

Vacation Exchange Swapping Homes
Living Like The Locals, Seeing What’s Special In Maine Swapping The Use Of Your Home Out Of State. Ever Thought About Vacation Exchange Using Your Home?

Do the best you can with what you have and make it better than it was. If it is to be it is up to me approach to tackling anything coming at you. Rather than who do I blame, or hang ringing and running in circles with high emotion Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling drama. We try to be the Little Red Hen. Keep working, stay productive, make your efforts count.

Less clutter is part of revamping your life.

And stepping back to see how you tackle life chores. Do you make it complicated or easy? And algorithms … is what to do regulated by lots of back room, behind the scenes simple codes of if then statements to ride herd on the data?

Trying to save time by over simplify can back fire and end up giving you results that causes more work to untangle when a human asking questions and the answers directing where you end up for the best solutions.

Maine has more space, less traffic, 4th lowest crime stat too. There are four seasons, lots of waterfront, heavily forested, working farm sections that dot the landscape. Less people, less pollution and a lower cost of living makes the backdrop of Maine pretty darn attractive.

Ever filled out a form or answered an online survey where none of the answers really worked best?

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.
How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Book In Maine?

Flawed navigation of the data collecting processing does not help. Nothing works like the face to face hearth felt discussion where you see the wrinkle of the forehead, eyes not looking directly at you and darting away. Where the non-verbal cues and voice inflections tell more than any sentence alone can deliver.

Maine, where we have slow cooked food and not the fast kind. Where we don’t always multi task and savor the moment. Because all the natural beauty helps suspends and stop the World with a quiet that allows you to think clearly.

Ever been to Maine?

Make the room in your schedule. Don’t put it off. Or maybe it is preaching to the choir. Hasn’t it been way way too long since you visited Vacationland?

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