You don’t have to be in Maine for a long time to have a good time. Outdoor exploring makes a person hungry though.

The picnic areas in Maine are a great place to pull over, open up the basket lid to fish out what was packed away to remove hunger. To quench the thirst as the outdoor air and exercise combine to increase the taste. Of whatever is dined out as the wildlife peek out, wander by and entertain table side.

We spend most of our time outdoors and three times a day the dinner bell rings. So outdoor dining, it is a big part of life in Maine. While parked somewhere nice like beside a lake, river, the ocean. Or while10 and 2 on a mission to get somewhere.

Picnics, Dining Outdoors In Maine
Nothing Like Outdoor Dining In Maine! The Back Drops Are Spectacular.

The recreation areas of Maine state parks is one source of spots to stop, snack too.

To stretch, take a break from behind the wheel or on the trails to eat. To snap some of the beauty of the surrounding eye candy to post on your refrigerator or the round robin on social media channels.

To let others know what you have been up to while in Maine.

When you live full time in Maine, the picnic areas don’t lose their luster.

They are still used as outdoor dining room locations as revisits to old familiar favorite spots get collected. And new hidden, unknown destinations are discovered and enjoyed when lucky enough to be in Maine more than a handful of days. Or a solitary week and that’s all she wrote.

Maine is a place to take your time, relax, explore and savor.

Here is a list of roadside picnic rest areas on Maine highways. Along your state and US highways in Maine, the canopy over the picnic table is a familiar site.

Maine Crane
The Entertainment Reaching Into A Picnic Basket, Outdoor Dining On Homemade Goodies In Maine.

More valuable and necessary as tight vacation budgets years ago did not allow the restaurant dining and in the middle of no where, there were not so many choices or franchised meal deals.

For the pull over, stop in and slide into the booth. To put a quarter in the tableside juke box for the pick three of your favorite 45’s to sample.

Tourist rest stops along Maine’s many highways before the Interstate picked up the pace and the landing gears lifted up and under. For the here we go.

The old pack a lunch and nibble along the way to your destination in or out of Maine. Used by motorists and locals alike. Because a grill is on premise and the highway department folks keep them squeaky clean and inviting. The folks who use them also practice respect.No one likes a litter bug right?

The carry in and carry out, tread lightly approach to how you live your life.

That’s Maine. How you treat others and their property, their feelings and opinions and expect the same in return.

Maine Outdoor Land Views
The View At Your Picnic In Maine. It Adds To The Home Made Taste Of Whatever Is Packed Away In The Picnic Basket.

Some of the picnic areas in Maine are no longer. I remember taking my kids to one on RT 11 in Moro Plantation that was stream side.

The kids checking out the water while the picnic basket opened up, the home made food pulled out. While the grilling operation was underway.

The birds chirping, the flow of vacationers with their campers and pickups, SUV’s loaded down with kayak and canoe working roof racks.

That’s the entertainment pulling off the road from traveling to grab a bite to eat.

Budget cut backs and Interstate 95 in Maine made the shift from the smaller picnic area to larger tourist information centers.

Complete with running water, for those pit stops. For the perusal of the brochure racks of maps, tourism information and four color propaganda from its publicity members.

I am a card carrying member of the Tourism bureau that has seen many changes in it’s name. And still stock the shelves with print media that still gets picked up, circulated and digested by the motoring public.

Maine Is Outdoor Farm Fresh Smells.
Farm Fresh Blueberries Ready To Be Raked On The Barrens.

Removing fatigue in driving to avoid accidents is another big reason for the tourist stops.

Locals around the tourist information centers of Maine use the facility for their own quick meal.

And families enjoy the play grounds if there is one and the folks you meet at the next picnic table with the open sides, roof over head.

Helping tourists get around, know the lay of the land is part of the where are you from, what are you doing for fun while in Maine.

And the suggestions about the list of activities you might want to consider while in Maine on vacation. On top of giving directions, the best way in, out, all around the many small scattered towns, plantations and only a handful of cities in Maine.

Maine Baxter Park Water & Wooded Mountains.
Respecting Maine’s Vast, Rich Natural Resources. Easy Does It.

We all work for the Maine publicity bureau, put the badge on every morning. Mainers are friendly, make eye contact, will do you a favor. Because we love where we live and can’t keep it a secret.

Maine, hear her calling?

It starts as a whisper and then snowballs from there once she gets into your system. Unplug, recharge, let go in Maine.

Don’t try to fight it. One bite, a small morsel, a glimpse of the eye candy is all it takes. Then she has a secure hold on your heart strings and gives a playful tug as a reminder it has been way way too long. Come back to Maine.

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