It’s a big deal celebrating the nation’s birthday, all our USA freedoms.

Small Maine towns turn up the volume on the local events to wave the red, white and blue. And state fairs, local celebrations are part of the fun in small towns like Houlton Maine. Parades, fireworks, great food and carnival rides combine with events like horse and truck pulls. And demolition derby smash them up car collisions. That the crowd hoots, hollers it’s appreciation for their favorite drive. Usually the underdog, newcomer or old classic local icon favorite.

maine fair carnival fourth of july
The Carnival Food, Fun, Games, Rides. Did You Get Your Fill This 4th Of July In Maine?

Retailers, shop keepers in Maine combine in full force to collectively offer bargains to hold up their end of the party. To do their part too!

And company, talk about overnight guests and extra cooking, cleaning and juggling to fit it all in. Have had a lot of people wander in and out of work this week. Perplexed and wondering what day it is exactly.

One lady that owns a lake home in Maine we are selling said her two grandchildren just left.

midnight madness in maine
Midnight Madness In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Seat Or The “Shiretown”.

They are seven and nine and wore she and her husband out. She said the granddaughter, the youngest argued about everything.

The grandson wore out her older husband riding bikes, casting fish lines, learning how to drive a golf ball.

He and she are both played out. Geritol tonic won’t help. They are belong exhausted and one dose of sleep session is not going to reverse the sluggish feeling. Of being torn inside out entertaining.

She felt like a short order cook and it was more difficult to find food the kids would eat.

Then she remembered her own kids, their grandchildren’s parents when they were little ones. Pushing food around their plates when they sat down for meal time.

Company can be like fish. Start to small a little as they linger a slightly too long and wear out their welcome. Some company pitches in more and are a big help and not a burden or dead weight about your Maine home.

Demolition Derby Race Car Driver In Maine
Would You Take Driver’s Education From This Demolition Derby Driver?

It is hard to try to work and entertain guests, your out of town family that is on vacation on both ends of the day.

The company can get bored and are in vacation mode so entertain me please.

The house owner hosting the sleep over and share our home can use their washer, dryer round the clock and made several extra trips to the grocery store.

Maybe the lack of sleep, being a little punchy with all the down time of long vacations like the fourth of July cause drive irritation.

And desire to watch or be in a demolition derby event. Edging, spending and eating too much.

demolition derby cars racing
Traffic Is Not Usually This Heavy Or Aggressive Dog Eat Dog in Small Maine Towns.

Going too light on the Zzzzzzzz’s when getting your head in the bed, laying it down on the pillow each short night of darkness. Before up and at ’em, rise and shine, cock a doodle do.

The demolition derby in Maine.

Dangerous but each hit can make the folks in the audience wish they could just once in traffic do the same.

To plow into and stove all to heck the slow moving motorist making life come to a snail’s crawl out on the open highway.

Watch a video on one local demolition derby in Maine, other events too.

Hope your fourth of July was a memorable, safe one and included family gatherings to catch up on the lives of other with the same DNA pumping in their arteries. Family is everything and what living in rural, underpopulated Maine is all about day in and out.

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