There was a time when five soap box derby racing cities in Maine put on locals.

Recruited the parents and support from strong arms and backs to wallets opening wide to fund the soap box derby program. The five venues grew, peaked and eventually only the Houlton Maine Derby Hill program was the one race city to survive.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing
Maine Soap Derby Racing Produced A National Winner In Akron Ohio AASBD Run!

Why? Putting up a hill, tearing down the race track used to qualify the winning soap box derby field of boys and girls is one of the main reasons. (Ouch, the L3 and L4 crack thinking about it for many grabbing their back.)

Hard work, long hours and logistics of taking over a neighborhood, a public street and adding the hay bales, safety barriers, the launch, the run out on the end when everyone screams “BBbrrrrake! ‘

All the effort put into the race track creation and dismantling is why a program for soap box derby survives or dwindles down to peter out to no more program.

Staying abreast of all the car modifications, regulation changes made mandatory by the AASBD part of expense and education to keeping the momentum going. Kids grow up too.

Mallory Bruen Wins National Soap Box Derby Racing Title
The All American Soap Box Derby First Place Trophy Taller Than Most!

Have other family events, employment and recreational, sporting, etc pastimes to keep up with as well.

Besides just down hill gravity racing with kit cars that win or lose by a hundredth of a second in races divided into heats.

The Houlton Maine race site history at this link.

And the up to date website for Maine soap box derby racing.

Watch the race videos salt and pepper through the derby site and on line around the social media circuit.

This past Sunday, the parents, family members of Mallory Bruin of Hampden Maine were honored in fine fashion at the Millar Civic Center. Video of the recognition for winning the top spot in soap box derby racing.

Town officials, the press, lots of well wishers and drivers especially that wanted to hear about the five heats after the winning the first one to advance.

Something two thirds of the racers don’t do in the three lanes, one trip down the hill that started the tradition back in 1934.

Check out the middle honey bee bright yellow jacket wearer with hands held high on the All America Soap Box Derby site lead in photo array.  That’s Mallory Bruin from Maine.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing
A Maine Soap Box Derby Racer Wins The All American Top Honors, 1st Place Trophy!

After a parade and lights, siren escort through the Shiretown of Aroostook County when the family got off the Houlton Maine exit of Interstate 95, the national champ was treated to a reception with refreshments to relive the experience.

To thank the local volunteers that worked with she, her older and younger brother who were both in the Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby Race.

It is a big deal to win the state race or final game in any sport. But to go on and take the first place trophy on the national stage in Akron Ohio is something else.

Thank you parents Larry and Trisha, brothers Stephen and Chris who were on board from day one to cheer, hoot and holler.

No matter what the Maine weather that can add a whole new dimension to down hill racing with rain, wind, scorching sun, dipping low temperatures.

Kids and families are reminded we live in Maine, the weather can change every twenty minutes to keep it interesting and add to the challenges.

Like life, bundle up, get in, sit low, simmer down, hang on for the best ride. Or to just complete the challenge.

Akron Ohio Soap Box Derby
The Field Of Racers In This Years All America Soap Box Derby In Akron Ohio!

On the way to a World Championship tall trophy, a ring, all the other trappings included in the top spot honor.

No kid is raised by themselves in Maine either.

Thank you to the communities around the racers in Maine who contribute paint jobs, lettering, travel support.

And all have a helping hand in the accomplishments of one young lady who can drive, consistently win heat after heat in her red super stock car with the musical notes trailing in the wind on each side.

Congratulations Mallory Bruen and good luck to all other boys and girls who decide to rally race, to compete in the June state local event in Houlton Maine on Derby Hill.

To experience the thrill of the hill and learn about mechanics, competition, safety first and spirited soap box derby racing.

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