The wide open land called Maine.

When the surroundings are all natural, less of what man makes gets in the way. You can think clearly, see the pathway that is best for your greatest happiness, your contribution to give back.

And it does not take a pocket full of plastic, a handful of dollars to spend time here in the blue, green, other colors of Maine.

Camping, your number one way to experience Maine without costing a duplicate organ to sample her. Grilling on a fire, sleeping under the stars, hiking for the fun of it to limber up and crank your inner awareness.

Maine Lake Loons.
Drift, Glide, Pop Up And Down Fishing. Maine Loons Dressed In A Black And White Tuexdo.

Joy is built from the inside out and contentment starts with space. Maine has lots of space.

The better places are the further up the pike in all direction you push forward into Maine.

Maine is down home simple, home grown real and tasty.

And talk about waterfront options.

Lakes, ocean front, ponds, streams, brooks, rivers in Maine.

Who left the water running? Hello.

Maine has so much of it and no one around to sample the sight and sound of the rushing, gurgling, bubbling clean water to combine with the fresh air. And just you often to experience it all by your lonesome.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.
Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Well, you do feel sets of black eyes peering out from behind the mixed woods, down low in the lush vegetation.

You always have wildlife close by because you are lucky enough to be in their home sweet home tramping circles.

Is it like that where you live now and do time chasing the dollar?

Have you been dreaming about waking up in Maine for too long now?

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.
Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

Make up the words along the way.

It’s okay to be a little off key in Maine.

Not know the words by heart. Few people if any within earshot to critique.

She let’s you be yourself, to find yourself if someone has been lost.

Or just too busy to work on you.

We all need self improvement, to add to what we collect along the way right? Had anything rip you open and help with the self discovery lately?

Maine Sea Plane, Pontoons On Lake Aircraft.
Touch Down On A Maine Lake.

We don’t take ourselves so serious in Maine. No one out to impress, make anyone envious.

No script, no following the herd, just doing what comes naturally to you.

Like dancing, kissing, eating Maine lobster, riding a bike. There is no one way to do it best and you never forget how once you give it a whirl.

Mt Katahdin Baxter Park
White Capped, Snowy Much Of The Year, Mt Katahdin At Baxter Park

So don’t let low funds for the travel fun deter you from heading North to Maine.

And don’t just circle long weekends, vacation stretches that only fall in the summer part of the calendar either.

Open up the door, step outside in Maine. We spend all the seasons outside four walls, a roof, floor. You can take a lifetime getting to know her.

Start the journey, share what you have learned and thank you for following our Maine simple living blog posts.

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