The safety off your still camera or video device and you find yourself in Maine.

Lots of eye candy to collect. To take back home out of state where what you snap and capture in Maine is 180 degree not the case where all those people spoil the surroundings.

Boy With The Leaky Boot
If The Boot Was From LL Bean, It Would Be Replaced Free, Not Be Leaking Right?

The Maine lake surface like a polished bottle, smooth and glassy. Because no one has criss-crossed it at a high speed to cause the ripples and waves.

Or maybe the wind is on a break. Stepped away from whipping it up and making it choppy, salt and peppered with white caps to keep it interesting.

As Maine loons, ducks bob, drop, go sideways as they fish for dinner. The handicap on the meal score card number increases.

Then light rain falling slowly like the old coffee commercial with the “Dee dee Dee dee DEE dunt” with the percolation picking up pace. Making small circle ker plunks sending out bigger waves around them.

The top types of images of Maine you see folks post?

Gotta have a Maine moose, a lighthouse or two and someone grinning wearing a plastic bib and using the pry tools on a bright red steamed Maine lobster.

maine lobsters photo
Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

Or bucket full of steamed clams, boiled corn on the cop. A tall micro brew or adult grape juice to wash it all down.

Maine Ice Hammock On Lake
Ice Ice Baby. Maine Has Four Seasons. Yes, Winter Is One. Bit Nippy Today Would You Say? No Need For Sunscreen Or Black Fly Repellent.

As you watch tall ships, schooners on an open deck or glazing over a sandy beach, rocky shoreline before you as you feed the pie hole.

Blueberry fields, potato picking, farmer’s markets.

Snow that is as white as a person has ever witnessed blanketing anything left outdoors to its own defenses. Water in the Maine photos is a common theme.

Sunrises, sunsets, fisherman with their worms tucked inside a well packed tackle box. A thermos of coffee fixed just the way the guy with one hand on the twist grip tiller likes it.

Maine Winter Weather.
Maine Winter Weather, Snow Makes Maine Extra Special, More Personal. Not A Slew Of Tourists Hanging Around The Photo Ops.

As he prepares to get the jump on the rest of the World. His mosquito like sounding outboard motor whining and buzzing in a drone by your lake camp as darkness punches out. Daylight enters to set up shop.

maine farm animals
Animals, People Of Maine Get Along Just Fine. Because It’s Not Crowded. We Need Each Other.

Birds, bees, butterflies and lupine flowers in the growing collection of whoever holds steady the brownie hawkeye. For the Kodak moment because time goes by.

Everyone now toting a cell phone, a tablet device and not just something with a long telephoto or wide angle camera lens hanging on a strap.

Drones lifting off, taking it to another level for a more adventurous new interesting angle on the approach to the photos or video frame with natural sound loops of Maine.

Maine Sunset On A Lake
Get To Maine. You Have No Idea What You Are Missing Staying Away.

So your collection of photos from Maine. Do they feature hikers, bikers, state parks and mountains to ascend or ski down swish swish fashion? Do they feature the rugged coastline, the folks weathered by age but dripping with wisdom if you take the time to shoot the breeze?

maine winter snow photo
Maine Is Real, Peaceful, Not Crowded.

Maybe you are not truly happy unless you smell like a Maine hand peeled log cabin fire?

Or can close your eyes, lean back and hear, smell grilling onions, baked beans or home made bread.

Vinegar splashed on your self picked, hand cleaned lightly buttered fiddlehead greens.

Pies lined up and cooling on a rack in a summer kitchen wainscoted and painted yellow or green or colors no one picks in new construction.

Running the camel hair brush that is under 30 mining for just the right hue, tint from the Sherwin Williams tall skinny display of paint chips.

Gardens, Flowers In Maine
Maine, All Four Seasons We Spend Most Of Our Time Outside. It’s All Natural, Simpler Living.

Maine is still like the Cracker Jack box prizes that were really neat, not duplicated and parked in a sturdy foil wrapped box not flimsy bag.

What people using wheels, wings, cruise boats come to see.

Maine Sunset On Lake
Day Is Done, Cue The Stars, Crickets, Mister Moon.

The designs of the Maine farm barns, the rolling fields, hand stacked rock walls, the thick woods and long vistas of Maine.

Are those in the ingredient mix of your photo recipe what’s cooking, being served up as the apple of your eye when you think Vacationland, the Pine Tree State?

What do you want to spy with your little eye?

The lifestyle of simple living in Maine marches to a less complicated drum beat song.

Your image array, the photostream on your SD card, hard drive or beer bottle brown acetate negatives must have a little of this and that right?

Maine Farm Stand Markets
Maine Farm Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Produce. Nothing Sweeter, Healthier Than Close To Home Food.

Get to Maine. Don’t keep her waiting. Shoot the photos to share with folks less fortunate who did not make the trip. Yet.

What could possibly be so important, distracting on your end of the pike to keep you from carving out time for a Vacation in Maine?

Low cost camping trips don’t make your mortgage your soul or have to sell a duplicate organ on Ebay to finance right?

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