Maine is a lot of blue water, skies and add a zillion shades of green.

A dash of browns and explosions of bright fall foliage colors as the temperature dips preparing all of us in Maine for the approaching winter. But colors, not everyone has white houses with black shutters either.

Maine Stained Glass.
Maine Is Colorful, The People, The Places, The Properties.

Especially as you venture up into the St John River Valley in Northern Maine’s Aroostook County. Where no one is afraid of splashing on the colors and vivid exteriors are common as you ply up and down small Maine town streets where French is the primary language in many neighborhoods.

But the colors, can be stained glass from quality tradesmen’s handiwork designed to last long after the creator has left the Earth. This red with frosted, cut out grape design from Bath Maine. In the front of the home parked next to the Maine Maritime Museum.

The colors of buoys in Maine that mark the lobster pots, fishing nets and traps below the ocean surface have some bright shades too.

Tell a story about a particular region. Tackling a lobster pot that is not yours is akin to cattle rustling. Stealing, poaching is bad business in Maine and does not win you a hearty invite to a baked beans and brown bread supper either.

maine fishing buoys colors
The Sea Of Color, Each Coastal Region Of Maine Uses Different Patterns, Shades To Mark Fishing Territory.

To see when the visibility is poor or pretty much missing. The colors means something special and are not just random whatever paint applied from whatever was lying around the workshop at the time.

And are so important to find your way back to the compass coordinates that spell it all out.

Where those pots, baited lobster traps were dropped into the drink. To attract lobsters to come inside to sample the rotting fish used as bait to razzle dazzle them.

So the lobster traps will be full of the green succulent fish that the World hankers from Maine.

maine lobsters photo
Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

There are close to 6000 lobstermen in Maine bobbing, working, boating the open sea.

Relying on these colorful buoys to eek out a living from whatever they can harvest from the deep. At the helm of something powered by a diesel motor with a lady’s name plastered on each side of the bow or sideways on the aft.

Out working on the open rolling sea pummeled by wind gusts and hard weather conditions that equal the market price that has to exceed the expenses.

Or oh oh. No more Maine fisherman. Just like no more Maine farmer if the numbers are in the red for too long and going belly up occurs.

Maine Housing Is Impressive.
The House On The River Bank, At The Maine Maritime Museum.

Picking Maine potatoes, working the farm fields inland from the coast makes the colors of the navigation markets and fishing buoys seem foreign.

More on that topic at this helpful link.

Now I am thinking fish dinner, something caught in the wild from Maine!

Now how did that happen?

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