The Eagles had some neat, catchy wisdom snippets packed into the measures of their many hit songs.

Philosophy on life in three four or more time. Forty song quotes from the Eagles.

The combination of words, putting a different spin on the topic and sneaking it all in for a musical  road trip experience. When you were just driving along minding your own business. Humming, thinking, drifting until the next stop. Then the light bulb, the aha moment happens.

Thank you Glenn Frey, Don Henley. Oh and Joe Walsh, Randy Meisner and other Eagle band members.

Maybe Maine is what is missing in your life. Playing an old haunting familiar song refrain repeating loop in the mental tapes in your head.

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.
Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

That tightly wrapped, living too fast, dipped in fear and dripping with sweat a stressful city landscape causes. It takes its toll.

And looking frantically. Following, connecting the blue evacuation dots around an urban area to get out. From the life in the fast lane. Too high an RPM to keep it up.

Maine. Yeah, that might be a good idea. Ah, but an exit strategy. Lots of folks are struggling with that one. To get to Maine. Someday. ” It’s a girl, my Lord In a flatbed Ford.

Slowing down to take a look at me”. Me, you in Maine.

Lots of the Maine land we sell is to folks needing a safety net. For a mental form of insurance binder coverage just in case. Not just for the investment value or recreational fun alone that happens on their piece of dirt in Vacationland.

But purchased, the Maine land acreage or small plot spot for bailing out, the rip cord maneuver. Like break the glass. Pull when needed.

Maine Is Wide Open Space, Colors.
As Far As You Can See, Trees. That Is
Sea Of Trees, Lots Of Wildlife, Not So Many People. That Is Maine.

Just knowing there is a place where they could survive without the plastic card swipes and wracking up debt. Where basics are more than enough in the needs department to meet.

Building a small shelter that is plenty for your needs. Growing your own family table food and knowing exactly what you eat.

Because you started it from seed or did the transplant. With the comfortable, peaceful, easy feeling taking it easy on the spray application. If you care, dare to  use any at all.

Because food was not sprayed with anything toxic or exotic to preserve or enhance it’s visual appeal.

Same treatment and respect goes into the meat, poultry, dairy products you tend and nurture from

Maine, Evacuate Now.
Hitting The Trail Out Of A Crowded City. You Are (Pointing) Here. Connect The Blue Dots. Head To Maine.

day one. Giving you a best of my love for nutritious food feeling. About what goes down the gullet. At least three times a day around the family table.

Or packed in the bring from home school lunches. Not the slide the tray kind and most of the goop ending up in the metal trash can and wasted.

Heating with wood from your Maine land, being a real son of a birch.

And not following the up and down spike of oil prices with any interest at all. Not caring about the cost of the bubbling crude that Jed sang about before the big move to the west coast.

In small town Maine, there is an intimate connection and everything goes local. Turning within to dig in. And heave ho, make a different in many small ways. That is what everyone that hangs their hat in a small Maine town does.

Maine Seacoastal Vacations Are Best!
Steer The Shortest Path To Maine. Get Some Sand In Your Shoes. Never Ending Up At A Hotel California Like The Eagles Crooned.

With greater awareness. Be careful Desperado, don’t draw the queen of diamonds. Look for her sister with the heart to avoid being cut every time if she is able.

Pitching in and bartering the collection of skills sets honed and perfected over the years.

In the trade you this for that? Deal? I’ll be over Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to get started, have the cup of Joe on and those world class fruit explosion muffins the Misses creates.

Has to because if they don’t, bye bye. Not more small Maine town which is what 98% of them are in this pretty under populated, vast state of fresh air, clean water. It is a greatest awareness when money is tight, you respect resources and make survival a game.

Not like life in the fast lane with a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac.

Trapped at your Hotel California.

Where not check out bill is ever slid under your door to wake up to after a hard night. When you are just another garden variety one of the boys of a never ending summer. And you feel strung out, already gone.

What else makes a small Maine town great?

Plenty and usually home grown, like pot luck supper special. Everyone brings something that together makes for one tasty, memorable spread.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.
Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Nothing store bought and always about home grown, one of a kind recipes past down over the years. From lots of practice makes perfect runs at family gathers held around the calendar.

Stopping in at the local corner store to fuel up and tap the grapevine. Not for gossip, for details behind the scenes that the column inches of black ink and white space did not delve into enough. Or at all.

Learning this morning Buzzy Nightingale has four acres left of  Maine potatoes to harvest. Seeing his harvester crew inching along with a sea of lights at 8:30 on the way home to the lake last night.

Looking like a grounded, landed alien space ship of sorts pulled by a diesel Maine farm tractor.

Plying the fields, back and forth with the tired, hungry crew putting on the big push before Jack Frost takes over and works full time on the landscape.

The harvester followed by a wind rower to set up the next pass to combine six rows into one. For the squeaking digger beds to elevated, shift out the dirt. And then one potato, two potato sort and filter out good from bad. Or the rocks.

Talk about the spending waste, duplication of local services a small Maine town can not afford to ignore in it’s life blood drain.

The local Sear’s appliance and tools moving to serve you better. At a new location and to make room for another dollar store in the old hole. Details that would be mundane to someone not in the six by six mile Northern Maine border town. Or the collection of about forty more in a ring around it.

Getting Along, Play Nicely Together Takes Team Work.
How People Interact On The Life Team When Everything Is Not So Peachy Keen Is An Eye Opener.

But keeping current and watching, listening in earnest because of every local’s personal investment in their small Maine town.

As the reach for a sugared donut hole from the open bag happens. Then slurping the black stuff to wash it all down.

Staying away from the spicy breakfast burrito knowing there’ll be a heart ache tonight if you don’t.

Want some of that? As you plan your day?  Take it easy. Avoid the fanfare. Get away from the hype. I can’t tell you why, but that is the heart of the matter. Drink, eat, breathe in the all natural, pure, never filtered always real Maine.

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