Round Bales Taking Over For Square Bail Haying Maine Farming Operation.
Round Bales Taking Over For Square Bail Haying Maine Farming Operation.

Maine is helping your neighbor, the bartering of a job done for another in exchange with something of value to you in return besides money.

Carrying on from the days of everyone being a farmer in Maine. Barn raisings where this week we are at your farm, next week at mine and returning the favor. The IRS is not so fond of trade outs, because they are below radar, not taxed. No money in the picture and sweat, effort the currency. Favor for a favor.

Do you do all your own repairs, home construction, vehicle maintenance? That self reliant behavior is a handy trait Mainer’s possess. Independent, sometimes from lacking the financial resources breeds the handyman spirit. Like the Red Green Show’s advice or desire to find me at least very handy, if not handsome too.

On a Maine farm growing up, use of hay wire, bailing twine, duct tape, vise grips, a welder and hose clamps served the process well.

Not throwing away an old part that could be modified to get another season or two out of weary Maine farm equipment during a lean year.

Or recovery from last year that was a little lack luster financially too come to mention it.

Do you find the situations that give you the most joy are home made and not store bought? Do you desire to grow your own food, can and preserve, eat healthy? To become more physically fit, your financing health rosier and your mental outlook strong, more positive? Maine, it’s in your cards, what the little voice in your head is whispering.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers