Why you do what you put your time in chasing the dollar ?

The gotta get to work by nine. Living just enough for the city.

To make ends meet. To squeeze in a vacation trip when you can. To pay for kid’s braces, college educations and keep the oil drum or wood box full in the Maine home.

Ask most college freshman one question about what is their major, are they sure they will use it and not all raise their hands.

To the question do you know what you plan on doing until you are 50, 55, 59 or 65 years or maybe older. Ourside the four year bubble to get the sheepskin.

Local Maine Small Town Celebrations.
Folks Are Friendly, Easy Going In Crime Free Small Maine Towns.

Wear the square for the second time for most.

More times for others. Or not at all to go with the GED earned off hours. Outside the halls of higher learning. Some folks work right along and into a family business too.

Maine is famous for small operations and small towns are loaded with the service providers.

Small, lean, mean and able to sometimes work circles around the slow moving expensive Goliath’s casting shadows overhead.

Others go the trade school route or learn a skill set to make it outside being in the care of Uncle Sam’s armed forces. Most work their way through the babysitting, lawn mowing, flipping burgers and odd jobs.

Maine jobs.

Some telecommute to Maine. Others find pick and chose, collect what you can. Usually a couple part time ones with the trend larger employees are offering. To avoid benefits and keep a healthy employment pool. To compete with off shore cheap providers working sweat shop hours, with OSHA-less conditions.

Maine Is Small Farms, Rural Living.
More Hand Work, Planting, Tending, Weeding, Harvesting On Maine Organic Farms.

Or creating your own opportunities that exist today but did not yesterday spring up. Jumping on the bandwagon of wind generators, border protection and beef up law enforcement as the World becomes a scarier place.

But around you, jobs in Maine, anywhere.

If you were not doing what you do now, would it be an earlier career deep sixed? Or involve going back to school for further instruction?

So jobs in Maine that you admire but wouldn’t want to do them? Or maybe you did and owe them your success with the stick with it.  Sounds like the Dirty Jobs show?

The list of worst jobs.

Don’t forget the bartering that happens off hours  in Maine to get the job done too.

But think about stress. The kind in a drive thru Mickey D’s or the guys that wear the BK crown, Timmy Ho Ho’s.

Or the Double D for the morning shot of Joe, something sticky and sweet to eat to use the java bean juice to wash it all down. Pass that large double double please. (Slurping sound) Ahhhh, that’s the rocket fuel, the kick in the pants.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.
Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

These gals and guys could be air traffic control pros.

Keeping track of this super sized order, that value meal.

And making sure two sweet and sours or BBQ dip your chicken finger get dropped in the bag at the second window. Plus lots of napkins.

For the NASCAR quick here you go, have it your way drive away hit and run for empty calories.

The pay is not the carrot in these minimum wage jobs. The satisfaction and skills to not get rattled and being a team player is the reward.

Like most jobs where if you really love them, you never work a day in your life. And have found your happy spot under the sun and stars.

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