Bluegrass music in Maine, where do you get a helping of that type of tunes?

We’ve posted before under the blog topic heading “Ever spent thirteen hours in a lawn chair?” The July 23rd thru the 26th of 2015 Northern Maine Bluegrass Festival just wrapped up.

Was lucky to take in part of it and to enjoy high quality bluegrass music close to home here in Aroostook County.

Bluegrass Music In Maine.
Gather Round At The “FARM” In Fort Fairfield Maine. Bluegrass Music Festival A Big Success!

The trip today up to Fort Fairfield Maine was definitely worth it and you can not beat the crowd of music lovers at this kind of family fun event.

Here is more on other bluegrass festivals in Maine.

Bluegrass music is a sub genre of country music, a form of American roots music.

More information on Fort Fairfield Maine.

And don’t forget the American Folk Festival happening in Bangor Maine this August 28-30, 2015. Save the dates and bring your folding chair.

Get your daily sticker to show you support the music acts, food vendors and product peddlers by hitting the bucket.

Bluegrass Music In Maine
Harmony In Voice, String At “The Farm” In Fort Fairfield Maine’s Bluegrass Festival 2015.

Ten dollars a day is the suggested contribution for American folk music from far and wide.

Are you ready for music happening right here in Vacationland? All type to enjoy, groups and acts to follow close to home.

And like food locally sourced, the music home grown in the Pine Tree State is the sweetest to the ears. Hitting places near your soul.

Have you attended the bluegrass music festivals in Maine or the American Folk happenings each year?

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