If you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time, it is like a horse let loose in a new field of spring clover.

Pace yourself. There are jobs around your home to perform first. Tasks to get out of the way for chores. Before hitting the trail, open road or waterways to bask in what Maine does best.

Maine Lighthouses
Maine Lighthouses, Started Your Collection Yet?

Providing unspoiled wide open space Maine trumps everyone else in it’s sheer vastness.

The kind of space where you can hear yourself think.

Reflect on how life is going. To correct the steering a tad to keep it headed in the right direction.  As you juggle the elements of life for balance, moderation, peace and an enriched experience.

Sampling it, not racing through it. That’s the simple Maine way of living. Common theme of this blog posting in Maine hunt and peck.

Okay, so instead of exploring alone or in a small group, experiencing a Maine festival should be part of the taking in Vacationland.

And all she has to offer. Planning those excursions in Maine means avoid the hard telling without knowing feeling stuck in your craw. Festival listings for Maine.

Something for everyone, all ages makes the festivals in Maine eenie meenie miney moe a tough selection process.

More than enough to entice and trying hard to avoid the sheer regret. From missing out on more than one event on each end of Maine when someone put too much into one weekend that you want to sample.

Maine Festivals, Which Ones Do You Find Fun?
Festivals To Share Music, Crafts, Food And Brew. That’s Part Of Maine To Sample!

Today at 1pm a Festival from Shipyard, Maine’s largest micro brewery happens.

A street fair in Southern Maine to say thank you. I read somewhere Shipyard was the 12th largest brewery of its kind in the nation. And a neat article from it’s fearless leader about why the success in his operation. Maine is 5th in the nation for micro breweries.

Where he credits the gains in growth and market share by simply hiring the best people. Letting them dig in and manage their areas of expertise without being micro managed or ham stringed. Forced to wear a straight jacket.

Festivals in Maine, some revolved folk music, some around farming. Here is a list of Maine agricultural fairs to fit your schedule of free time.  Some with free time cleared in the schedule.

Maine Is Local Food, Grown Close To Home.
Celebrating Fresh Locally Source Food With Maine Farmers At Open Air Markets.

Gravitating naturally to festivals for Maine lighthouses. That’s what some do with their down time. To visit and collect lighthouses in Maine.Get centered and to find peace letting go. Taking thousand yard stare strolls with the peepers off the points they protect.

Or volunteer to preserve the Maine lighthouses for others to visit and enjoy.

Around the 68 venues that Maine has for sentinel outposts. To help navigation out on the open waters off the coast of Maine. That offer one spectacular setting for picture taking, memory making.

Things to do for fun in Maine on your days off from work. So what do you have planned for the weekend, your next vacation? To pause for some away from the same old hometown surrounding routines?

Maine offers so many home grown unique experiences to entertain and enrich the soul. Add your two cents worth on what pumps you up in Maine!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker