A slap on the butt for the here we go. You start life peering out at it with a brand spanking new tiny set of baby peepers.

Wide eye amazement unfolds as folks that love you explain the ways things work.

As they lovingly guide you through the stages of a Maine childhood. With special attention thrown in for good measure. To have it your way. Metered out, tailor made for just how you need it dished out for the best long term results.

Maine New Spring Flowers.
Begin Again, Rebirth, Renew, Maine Spring Flowers So Up Right On Cue.

To make sure you learn all about the nitty gritty from all those family members that love and surround you in small town proud Maine.

To prepare you for the venture out into the deep end. Of the wild blue yonder where you make your way through life the best you can. Humming the tune until you learn the words.

And then it is your turn. Take the controls. For the 10 and 2.  To raise your own kids to know right from wrong. To have a morale compass that works best and true. Some argue our society addresses the effects, not the cause.

Like health care, a pill for the ill rather than the pause to see the cause. Before the open wide, here it comes. Chased with a teaspoon of sugar. Mixed to create the bitter sweet tasting cure.

But all the guidance, instruction in the World is hinged upon more than mere knowledge. So much of the application is all about focusing on what you do have, not what you don’t.

Climbing Mt Katahdin, Blue Berries Happen.
Maine Blueberries… Show Up Single File Here And There As Volunteers.

More than practical knowledge is discussed around the family supper table beans and hot dogs or meat and potatoes growing up in Maine.

The polish, the finish work that each of us chooses to color the blank starched white canvas with the Maine back drop.

What each of us has to find along the way on our lonesome, collectively charting the course with our trusted mate.

The mental life seed beds prepared with loving hands for self assurance. But up to us to cultivate and nurture in our own way. Making choices that lead to whatever blossoms at a bountiful harvest.

Spring is underway in Maine.

Maine Winter Spring Run Off.
Plenty Of Water For Maine Canoe Circuit Races This Spring. Fueling The Paddling Adventure.

Capture the newness, the promise, the begin again. But find out what is missing to apply, make it rich for a memorable in Maine. Life is for living. Grateful has to happen before happiness that last does.

Come paddle down a Maine swollen river, celebrate spring with a bike ride through Acadia, a ferry boat trip to explore an island.

Tramp the woods and hear the birds, yourself think. Peer into a crackling camp fire or out over the bottle smooth calm waters as the sun goes up or down or both.

Unplug to recharge in keep it simple, easy does it living Maine.

Maine Cows Dot The Pasture Country Side.
Moo Yourself. Don’t Happen To Have An Apple, Carrot, A Little Grain?

Smell the last of frost leaving the ground replaced with lush new grown budding all around you. Leave the pushing, shoving, all those people in a hurry in the rear view mirror looking south.

Don’t waste your spring, any of the other three seasons that follow you around Maine.

Think about the life, the ones you love and get centered in Vacationland. The take away more than a lobster dinner, a t-shirt with the five letters or a moose on it.

Not just tourist trinkets follow your back home to show for the all important trek north to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker