When you are lucky enough to live full time or be able to spend vacations in Maine, it’s lots of outdoor rides in the country.

To explore and discover new places. Return runs to old familiar ones too. Peaceful, simple excursions to picnic by a very verbal, babbling brook. With song birds chirping, pitching in.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.
Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Spreading the flannel blanket. Setting down, lifting the lid.

Opening up the wicker basket loaded with home made goodies. To munch a bunch on lunch in picture book all natural surroundings in the deep heart of Maine. That pause that refreshes to steal an old Madison Avenue marketing line from Coke.

Parking your rig to hike up a small Maine hill or mountain. To enjoy the view for dessert eye candy.

Traveling by car or jeep to the border of wilderness and then setting out on foot. Hoofing, huffing and puffing it to go deeper. Gliding across it paddling a canoe or kayak.

Cris-crossing Maine with a snow sled, ATV, on a horseback trail ride.

Or on skis, a road or mountain bike, ultra glide, whatever. Is all part of the slicing and dicing it up too. To dine and savor the delicious pieces. That come already pre-seasoned, enhancement sprinkled.

No people, more wildlife, unspoiled and preserved, that’s Maine. Story telling folks you run into, bump up against. Setting out to meander along whatever the daily special surprise journey pathway. Those locals are your savvy tour guide suggesters. Pointing you in the right direction navigators that know the lay of the Maine land.

Loving, living to share that appreciation for rural Maine that they protect, hold near and dear.

All another component to the healthy habit that hits you on many levels. All different take aways. Because of the angle you come into them, return to them for what you need. What is missing but about to be re-supplied as you stock up. On anything Maine.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo
Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors. Back To The Land Never Stopped. There Is No A Resurgence. With Younger Maine Farmers.

Never quite the same as you grow and learn either. And one of many reasons you make the Maine back woods, waterways, wilderness settings the locations to enjoy private time.

Not just the busy streets of sandy beach. Rock bound coast with plenty of seafood and trinkets Maine tourist attraction.

With lots of people climbing down the gang plank of a cruise ship. Looking for something labeled with Maine to wear for the back home locals.

Coming into the down hill winding streets with an SUV loaded to the gills. Shark slow methodically plying with roof top cargo carriers replacing the dorsal fin. Snaking through the neighborhoods of a quaint, crowded seacoast Maine town.

My Uncle Gordon, Aunt Charlene used to take Sunday afternoon drives.

She being from the Stockholm / New Sweden area of Aroostook County. And as the drive enjoying the day, each other on the country roads to and fro, study of the landscape took place.

My Uncle, a mechanic, interested in anything with a motor attached would tell Aunt Charlene there is an old square bird Thunderbird. Pointing in the direction of that rock pile. See it behind that old, neglected sagging barn? She nodding, sharing with him a little later. That section of forested hardwoods on the ridge. Her turn to gesture with one hand. As the to talked and gawked. Was where her grandfather tapped maple syrup trees. When she was a young Swede, just knee high to a grasshopper.

I spent yesterday afternoon after listing an Oakfield Maine home up in the hills.

Maine Baxter Park Photo
Maine, One Blue And Green Dream. Wake Up, Get To Vacationland.

Walking from the location to explore a new one. Passing Spaulding, near Timoney and Pleasant Lakes.

Down around Higgins Brook, up through Bear Gulch. Ascending into the Oakfield foothills. An area dubbed “The Switzerland of Maine.”

And thinking next weekend, maybe visiting Hastings Falls, or Gulf Hagas. Hiking up a new elevation not tapped in Baxter Park.

Some treks first runs, others much enjoyed re-winds. That is what Maine is all about if you are in the mood. New and different. Old and familiar. Whatta’ll it be today you need in Maine?

Communicate, explore, discover Maine. The way life should be. Take a lifetime spending a day at a time collecting the bits and pieces of all the neat locations. Help yourself to simple living in Maine. The only way to easy does it, make it real and extra special.

I’m Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR