Spring is a time of hope, restored faith and a perfect season to relocate, move to Maine.

Are you happy where you live now? Has the thought of Maine relocation, moving to Vacationland land been bouncing around in your brain cells from time to time? Far too often?

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.
Maine Outdoor Living, We Keep It Real, Simple, Honest.

Often all we don’t have in Maine is just as splendid as the long as your arm list of what we do.

Space is the number one concern of many because it is severely lacking where they are now. And then right after that is crime. No thank you please chimes the room. Then low cost property and hopefully something I can call home without mortgage strings attached.

Wouldn’t life be easily, more normal is debt was not dragging you down? If the cost of living was lower and you were more hands on in the way your day unfolds? In Maine you don’t find as much highly specialized in one area and short suited in the rest of the skill set.

More empowered, broad sets of talents are developed out of necessity.

Because it all ties into the spend less, get more in life living in Maine simplicity. Frugal is not cheap.

Maine Is Simple Living, Family First.
Maine Is Simple Living, Outdoors, Family Based In All We Do!

Being sure not to waste, protect, to savor and stretch a resource is just good stewardship, solid business approach to living grandly in gentile poverty. Horse trading is a reflex, second nature in Maine.

Heck they have made a reality show out of Uncle Henry’s Buy, Sell, Swap Guide remember? Check it out on the History Channel.

The eye candy of Maine, all the wildlife, the waterfront of every kind make the lub dub pick up in anyone’s heart. But there is so much more to the Pine Tree State. To learn, discover in your move, relocation to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker