The end of the month a small Northern Maine community theatre group I am part of travels to see another Penobscot Theatre stage presentation.

Visit the Penobscot Theatre website and learn more about their mission statement.

“To produce high-quality, professional works of theatre that inspire the imagination and cultivate a lifelong passion for the art form.”

Maine Lighthouses Are Neat In Winter Magic.
Everything Changes In A Blink Of The Eye. Like The Seasons. The Two Masks At Theatre Productions. Small Maine Towns Pull Together To Get Through The Good, Sad Times.

Community theatre in Maine is alive and well.

There is nothing like seeing familiar faces you know in the audience, on stage. The set staging, lighting, sound and costume crew revealed from behind the velvet curtain.

Holding hands, coming out for bows and curtain calls at the finish of a theatre production in Maine. All that hard work spotlighted, choreographed, presented on the big open stage down front. Sample a simple Maine community play production.

More at what is going on at this link. The appreciation for fine arts, the side trips to larger theatre venues with package city weekend trips to take in a couple plays enriches life. Helps pass the time during a Maine winter too.

Here is a calendar of theatre in Maine events. Learn more about Maine Community Theatre.

In high school was lucky to be part of a one act play competition where we ended up winning the Maine top spot, going on to Rhode Island. For New England competition at the University of Rhode Island in Cranston.

Host homes took in the players and another school from Leominster Massachusetts performed the same play, Interview. But from a completely different approach which is the fun of play production competitions. The interpretation not similar at all but refreshing and memorable to enrich the experience for performers and audience alike.

Maine Is Amazing People, Beautiful Surroundings.
Maine, A Fun Place Inside And Out.

Our play director, Virginia Osgood from Easton Maine was outstanding.

Small in stature, fiery, dogged. She poured so much passion into our preparation, practices. Had a day job of teaching high school English.

In community theatre practices I attend for a play centered around life in the nursing home, a great escape, it is fun to see it all come together. Lines learned, props collected. Then the character flushed out, developed in the delivery of the script.

As meat is added to the skeleton of the black and white type.

All up to, limited only by the imagination of each of the actors, actresses.

Combined with what actions on set are performed during speaking parts. The times when reacting to others on stage is part of the performance too. When you are in a developing character fed by the audience’s reaction good or bad.

Do they have community theatre where you live?

Have you participated in a play production before and why not now in your life? Children’s theatre in Maine is active and available too.

Get involved, out in the audience to take in a play production in Maine. Or to work to create one. Maybe even get a degree in theatre, play production in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker