Where you live has a big bearing on how rich your life plays out.

The enjoyment, fulfillment and personal satisfaction squeezed from the way things roll in your surroundings. It is different for everyone because no one is an identical snow flake right?

Maine Is Friendly People, Unspoiled Outdoors.
Sitting Pretty, Living In Maine. Knowing, Liking, Needing Your Neighbor. Pitching In Back And Forth In The Barter.

But consider you live in a city not Maine with a stressful job.

And it takes it toll. You gobble handfuls of the RX from the child proof containers. Are on lots of anxiety medicines. Trying to find the right combination to create the cocktail that helps you cope. And it does. For awhile.

Or spending too much time listening to Piano Man. Elbows sore leaning on a bar with stale peanuts. Other pawed through salty debris in front of you. Touched by many, who knows who just returning from the bathroom. Or blowing into the joint for a shot of gas. One bourbon, one scotch, one beer as the Destroyers and George crooned along with the lead guitar chords. Bottoms up.

Or you are a woman, noticing hair loss. The four walls closing in stress creates the vise grip. Causing the shedding of Clairol #26 shade of hair. Weight loss too. Dropping to the point of the clothes are wearing the woman, not the other way around. City urban living, pressures of the job and where you hang your hat taking their toll. When you are just not in your right place under the sun grasshopper.

A prison, that’s what it feels like. Except the key thrown away at the crow bar Hotel California. Pass the bread and water please. How do I look in black and white vertical stripes or a government issue bright orange jump suit? Bust out, time for a great escape before you are an old fogey. In that nursing home rocking chair screaming for your meds, more cream style corn.

Sometimes the bright lights, big city are what is preached around the kitchen table.

Teachers, not just parents encourage the youngsters in the nest. To spread those new wings and see the sights.

Figure out what you like, what is missing. Sampling life and all the choices that must be made just so can make life purrs heavenly. Or runs ragged, pure hell. For you. Not maybe someone else. But me, myself, I.

Home Grown, Maine Farm Fresh.
Small Maine Farm Sustainable Agriculture. Hard Work, A Highly Rewarding Lifestyle.

Are you happy?

Have a laundry list of regrets? Can you be content, at peace and build inner joy easily? Or is something missing in your life? No matter where you live? Or just where you are now? You think?

Peel back the onion layers, see the problems needing to be out in the daylight, fresh air. Don’t just medicate the symptoms with band aid solutions. Those scabs never heal over. Keep opening up.

Explore Maine. Just imagine, consider the what if if it was here in Maine. And it all starts, ends with taking out the thrash. Lightening the load if you are an Eeyore with stinking thinking.

I remember a fellow from New Jersey that when he moved here wore a neck brace. The big padded collar reminded me of the grill on a 1959 Edsel. Or one hanging off a pair of work horses with traces, harnesses to slide cut trees to the yard for trimming, racking, stacking.

But the demeanor of the man blossomed, as he opened up where he was wilted and reserved. The collar got tossed. He was in his right place but had been treading water much of his life being in the wrong end of the pool. He told me when he had to go back to New Jersey, he felt his body, mind tightening up.

Maine Lake Vacations
Relax, Unplug, Recharge In Maine. There Is No Bad Time To Vacation, Visit ME.

Bob felt his former life and the pace of it was toxic for his body.

He would just forget how much. Right up until he had to make the trip south for a family wedding, funeral. Something that could not be put off and avoided.

Like visits to elderly parents where everyone in the room knows the days are numbered. Enjoy them while they are on Earth, not below it.

Self medication to cope, just get by comes in many forms.

Hitting the sauce, too many trips to the medicine cabinet or opening the three door refrigerator. Or retail therapy to peacock proud all the stuff you had collected. Temporary fixes but long term solutions can mean time to move, relocate to Maine. Small, rural, friendly and crime free compared to other places with crowded conditions and high price living attached to it.

Explore the World, travel and work where your heart’s desires lead you. But doubling back, come to Maine for a day. End up staying for a life time happens a lot in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker