Could you live comfortably in 300 square feet or even less in your Maine home?

Here are some plans, designs for tiny homes, houses. Less space for living could mean easier to heat, clean, maintained.

But cabin fever is a dangerous condition. Even with a cribbage board, deck of cards. Although most Mainers spend most of their waking hours outside. Enjoying the four season Maine recreation. Or working the dirt on a farm. Logging a forest or guiding groups, the good sports who vacation in Maine somehow.

Looking at old smasher Victorian Maine homes. You see butler’s pantries, summer kitchens, glass. Lots of open porches, rear stairways and attached rambling sheds.

Your home is your castle and often three generations were housed under one roof. Large families happened to parents for some reason.

No cable TV or malls, movies, texting distractions part of increased stork deliveries?

People not home much and running the roads is what happens today with overbooked family living. With the 1.6 kid sized ones of today.

Watch one video of a Maine tiny home.

I ran into one man from Boston MA who bought in our area of Maine.

But indicated for over a year he lived in his car in the Bay State. And described what life was like with four doors, leather seats in a Cadillac. Not a Yugo, Mini Cooper or VW bug. Where leg room to stretch out and relax after a hard day in the neighborhood was wraps up.

And night falls, rolled over with the sparkle of stars obscured by light. The smog pollution of city living. The fun and games. To be a minimalists in housing and highly efficient in your living space.

Mother Earth News weighs in on tiny houses in Maine.

Maybe you want to roam, travel with your tiny home?

And you thought your 5-3-1 Maine shoe box ranch with just hovering over 1000 square feet of living space was confining, stifling.

The walls, roof and floor all heading inward like a Hitchcock black and white movie nightmare. And rolled up your sleeves. Finished the basement for a rec room, to tap into more space to enjoy under that family roof of growing kiddos. Or robbed a bay of the double garage to create a den, a man cave.

Instead of rooms, areas. And the best room of the house is outside the tiny home. Outdoor living happens more when inside is not the focus like a McMansion.

Where the eight baths in a four bedroom home, the spa, glass covered pool, exercise and media rooms top the gotta have list of how to live. Over the top, opulent and palatial please with that Gray Poupon works best when luxury living is the only kind to wine and dine on. With tiny homes, the focus is outside living. The all you need living space inside efficiency frees you up for that approach to life. Making it a basic, practical, functional just barely enough home for you please and thank you very much.

Okay, not a fan of a tiny house, mini home? How do you feel about yurts? (Smile)

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker