There is nothing like being humble.

Going without the most basic items, situations for greater appreciation to happen. On a cold Maine night with the wind howling, it is extra comforting to be inside a home. With the warmth of family and an antique kitchen wood cook stove. Maybe a modern one like a Jotul 404. Preparing a wholesome meal brought up from the root cellar shelves. To combine with fresh items purchase at a local food co-op. Where friends and neighbors join forces to put food on the tables that is grown close to home.

You think about even though the temperature is low, there are folks that are not in for the night.

The lineman from the local Maine electrical utility if you are not off grid. Is on stand by. With a bucket truck, chain saw, maybe pole spikes, insulated gloves and a leather belt. For the time when someone hollers “Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights”.

Cold, rainy, dark of night conditions can mean a phone call to go out in it.

Maine Is Small Towns, Working Together.
Peace At The Beginning, End Of The Day In Maine.

The lowest temperatures combined with wind chill factors also create the perfect combination for the deadliest house fires. The heating systems are pushed to the max to maintain a comfortable interior. Plugged in electrical heaters spiked into outlets connected to old substandard wiring.

Creosote soaked chimneys ignite and break through old defective thimbles under layers of old wall paper no one knew were there. Until the fireman with the axe and wearing the oxygen tank and shield helmet started paddy whacking. To discover where there is smoke there is fire.

Over worked devices to keep it warm inside when it is not outside. All those electrical shorts, chimney fires and smoldering inner walls that go undetected. Just waiting for the worst conditions for firefighters to get the call. Turn on the siren and lights. Grab Spot, the dalmatian wearing the insulated coat. Let’s roll.

Same with road clearing crews when poor visibility of blowing snow, icy rain or fog team up with the low sitting mercury in the glass tube.

To make for long shifts, dangerous runs to keep roadways open. Especially for emergency equipment.

Mailman, same story. Dress warm, your appointed rounds are waiting for you. The delivery to your assigned zip code show must go on no matter what. Sure the job is fun on a summer day. Wearing short pants, shirts without sleeves. You can say it is all part of the job. The one that each signed on for or they could quit. I am glad they want to do what I am happy I don’t have to for a job.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo
Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

It makes your appreciate the little things.

When inclement weather means you and I can hunker down and stay inside. Still watering, graining, haying the farm life stock.

Delivering new stock often born, delivered the briskest day of the year it always seems. Could you be a Maine farmer?

Do you think of the most basics as special the way you live now? You would if you live in a neatly connected Maine small town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker