The simple goal to surround yourself with positive people.

Most New Year’s resolution lists have that one somewhere near the top I would bet. Does not just mean close ranks to pull those who always agree with you closer. Or that have the same negative habits of let’s see. Who can be today’s character slam, personality “pick apart the human being” in conversation.

People that enjoy that stone casting are cruel, mean and insecure.

Sometimes pickled, hammered, heading for a black out. Or merely are followers that just join the pack. Lob a rock, aim for the temple. Like bullies, loners that want to belong to some circle, any group. To intimidate and earn respect the wrong way. From fear not home grown inside merit and hard work appreciation.

Often the contributors in the round robin, anything but friendly chit chat do not even know the person. On the receiving end of the pointed, steel toe cowboy boot. But they have an awfully strong conviction in their darkest heart of hearts. Concerning the one or series of neighbors, community members of who is branded, graded USDA rotten to the core.

Maine Mountain Hiking Trails, Does A Body Good.
Negative People Are Not Mountain Climbers. Get High Up, Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Often just labeled a jerk, reject stickered “bad to the bone no good”. Just so severely disliked that it is herd them up on by one in the critical pointed finger.

Those deemed best destined for the now boarding for Misfit Island. At gate what a zero.

That are lined up, turned around to be individually shot down. Placed in the corner with the tall cone pointed hat facing away from the angry posse mob. That take turns throwing kindling on the fire that burns fueled by bad Karma hatred.

Time out. Alcohol can be a good or bad thing if applied in moderation.

Sometimes the bad press is merely this is fun to play the who do you do not really know or like and pssst. Pass it on game that gets louder. More vicious, raunchy as the drink numbers downed add up. Take their toll lubricating the I can top that or here’s another one I hate and want you to as well.

But it can be a splash of firewater for the the New Year’s Eve held high toast of bubbly at the end of the night. And sincere appreciation for your partner, family members who are with you through thick and thin.

Who share the same hopes and dreams for the next dozen hanging sheets of 31 or less numbers to fill.

Where you together reflect in what is parked in the rear view mirror behind you. What is up ahead in the roadway of uncertainty called life. And we need others to co-pilot, navigate it best.

Maine Small Family Values.
Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

The barley pop shared after a friendly, physical sporting exercise and reliving the plays and saves. That is social without leading to let’s destroy a thirty pack. Down a bunch of fifths individually.

Or a glass of wine introduced before or during an Easter ham hopping on a platter. Getting brought on stage for a family table sit down munch a bunch and reflection. Or shared watching a sunset from a Maine patio or open deck.

In front of an outdoor Maine lake, backyard or river cabin fire pit.

Surrounded, with filled plastic or folding canvas chairs. Staring into the blaze, sharing and collecting positive ions. During the exchange of ideas and gleaning answers to life’s easiest, most daunting questions and the in between. Usually the talk with the crickets, loons and bull frog in the background about family members, personal struggles or triumphs. Not who can we dump on next, your turn.

Those we love not hate the conversation fodder. The joys and hardships of those near and dear and often related to us. Not out verbally sniping, back biting without their knowledge folks out in the community that we don’t even really know. Or like a witch hunt, may never get to based on someone else’s coveted opinion. To stay away, quarantine them with a skull and crossbones poison warning.

That only makes you wonder in time. Who you really have on the list, the small circle you really count as friends.

Maine Potate Heart Shaped Special
Different, Odd Or Something Beautiful. In Others, What Do You See? Good Or Bad?
Because this one, that one is brought up in less than a redeeming light using your sharp pointed tongue. Spewing negativity, stinking thinking.

Finding something good to say about others.

Locating the fault, sharp edges with yourself. Wage war inside to change what needs housekeeping stealing your joy, others too around you.

Find the right color wire to cut on the ticking device to diffuse the anger knee jerk reaction that is painted blackest. Lifting up not crushing, slamming down the small Maine family value way to approach living. Playing well with others.

You may not be happy but it is not others that cause that. It is an inside job to go either way with the emotions, the smile up or frown down. Tearing down anyone else instead of looking for their redeeming qualities. That does nothing good in a community.

Attack problems, issues and look for the good in others.

So they pitch in willingly and not get exiled. In small Maine communities we need everyone involved in the discussions and hammered out solutions. Have to have all the players pulling together in the same direction. To live in harmony and achieve true peace inside and out that endures for the greater good.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker