When winter happens in Maine, the locals take it all in stride.

It is just another of the four seasons. And preparing for winter, a season ahead. With wood delivered tree length out back like giant pretzel stick mountains. Piled high, processed slowly.

Maine Wood Heater Cook Stove
Baked Bread & Beans Inside. Frying Pan & Singing Tea Kettle On Top.

What can go wrong cutting your Maine woodlot? If you don’t take the annual mecca, trek. To hardwood trees gathered directly from the Maine woodlot you own.

Maine Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
What’s Cooking Inside That Door While The Maine Woodstove Heats The Kitchen?
Where chainsaws buzz, whine and cut down low. The word “timber” hollered. The butt ends latched on to, yarded out, twitched to landings by yourself happens too.

Before the snow flakes blanket the lawn in white fluffy storm layers. Prepared for winter means buttoning up the house with banking. Storm doors and windows. Beefing up the attic insulation thickness, chimney cleaning. Checking the stove pipe between your trusty wood heater and the tile lined flu. Maybe metalbestos shiny, mirror polished silver. Or the black, dull silver galvanized tin stove exhaust connector.

Kitchen cook stoves, combination wood heaters become part of Maine day to day living. When the mercury dips, sinks low in the tube.

Counted on, liked old trusted friends. Relied upon to keep your toes from freezing. Water lines from becoming stuck, stopped, frozen, bursting. And heat in the Maine home to make it a cheery place to retreat to from blustery weather working or playing outside during a Maine winter. Any of these antique wood cook stoves images look familiar, remind you of anyone ?

My Dad and Mom had a Jotul 404 mini wood cook stove from Norway in the Maine farm house where their four boys grew up. Has an oven, 2 burners, an ash box. Mine now to cherish. The small but mighty unit wood stove is highly efficient. Cranking out the heat. There was always a kettle of hot and ready water for tea time on top waiting for someone’s reach. These wood heaters, cook stoves dynamic duos used to bake beans, potatoes, casseroles, bread, pies, cookies. Whatever is in the frying pan up top for the approaching Maine farm house meal. For that a strong bond attachment grows.

Maine Antique Wood Cook Stove
Often The Primary Heat Source, The Wood Cook Stove Keeping The Kitchen Hot. Family Fed.

In house sales in Maine, often what looks like a simple wood heater, cook stove is more than that to the owners who used it. Depended on it daily through many a Maine winter.

To remove the chill in the Maine home in early spring, late fall too. And the owners don’t leave them in house sales. Are pretty attached at the hip to them.

Take them with them. Or the wood burning units stay in families. Get passed on. Moved to the children’s homes, their woods camps, lake cottages. Pellet stove heaters have fondness from their owners. But not as strong as the wood heaters, cook stoves. That have years of daily use, long history, interaction in the home going for them.

Yes you could just go out and buy a new replacement one but it is THIS one that is the target of all the affection.

Because it was rock solid dependable to provide heat, in some case to help prepare, bake, fry the food. And was a vital part of provide comfort in the simple run Maine home’s lifestyle routine. It was a life saver, stoked through out the day. Took care of you if you did your part to clean, tend, feed it wood.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker