I have a real job and try to stay as positive as possible doing it.

But the number one complaint I hear from out of state Maine real estate buyers is something is missing. Where they live now which is 99% in a city or urban landscape, they are not happy. And that frown is caused when you ask but kinda already know what to expect for an answer what is the source. It is other people.

You Are What You Eat, Where You Live
The Cattle Are Munching. Hay, Just Hay. (Sneeze) Thanksgiving.

Way way too many other people everywhere they turn when they have to do time outside Maine.

Maine is a rural state and loaded with more wildlife in vast infested woods than actual people dotted the countryside. When you remove the layers of people, everything shifts back to simple living.

No traffic, 4th lowest crime statistic, everything is cheaper by a lot for buying real estate. And the property usually comes with backyards measured in acreage, no fractions of an inch, foot, yard.

The attitude of the people in smaller rural Maine is more connected too. Because in small Maine communities, the folks who live there are in the same revolving circles of activities. Working together, serving on local activities from church pageants, hosting sporting events, taking on the yearly task of several community events. That without them, not a long line to draw from to step forward if someone hollers “NEXT”!

Small town living in Maine, means you know your neighbor.

Like him, you help him not hate him. You check in on those elderly ones. You take turns with driving their kids to practices for a slew of stuff. The other parents are friends not strangers with youngsters in the same activities.

Maine Lake Vacations
Relax, Unplug, Recharge In Maine. There Is No Bad Time To Vacation, Visit ME.

So we spend a lot more time with the supply marble jar of people and whatever their personalities.

Tolerance is higher when you really know and understand your community members because of greater involvement one on one or in very small group interaction.

Worry about drive by shootings, gangs, avoiding certain neighborhoods at night or any point in your life. Ah not thanks, nope. That feeling of “watch yourself” does not happen in Maine. Because along with a crowd of people that have some real gems in it, you up the volume and have more than one bad apple in the mix.

You gain a lot inside or not being a country mouse and become more across the board resourceful.

Instead of highly specialized in one technical area, and hire it out on pretty much most of the rest that comes up needing doing.

Not making as big a salary in Maine goes hand in hand with not really needing one. Because cars don’t get stolen, taken for joy rides or rolled into chop shops for the slice and dice.

Resale through midnight auto sales offering their five finger discount.

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.
Weaving, Needling Your Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

And when money is replaced with the hands on as the DIY gene becomes stronger in Maine, awareness of what is really important becomes crystal clear. Working to protect relationships, enjoying the great outdoors of four seasons Maine and space. Room to breathe, to hear yourself think.

Not living with the standard knee jerk response of what is my neighbor mad about now in that sardine tight subdivision they all swim in.

In Maine it is what can I do that helps, to pitch in looked for daily.

We focus on problems, not attacking people. Less reaction in any negative way. More time is a wastin’, use that daylight wisely.

Instead of not making eye contact, pretty much detached living with one hand on the taser for City Danger Mouse.

Twisting a couple dead bolts, sliding the door security chains quickly into place. Check the all corners, in and out, up and down security cameras ad alarm resets. Always armed with a degree of mistrust, watch yourself, be on your guard.

So Maine, thinking maybe you want some of that Vacationland, a slice of the Pine Tree State in 2015? Come for a day, end up staying a lifetime. Here to give a glimpse and offer help in the moving to Maine however long or short the time frame. Wherever you crank the dial, decide on is best for you.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker