Life is a short journey reflection.

To learn much quickly. Add it to your repertoire. To shop for, develop, be sure to pick up more awareness. To be able to wade right out without the insecurity of heavy, light or any fear factor. Go way way out deeper than swimming just in the shallow end. Or worse killing time. Staying pretty much parked. High, dry, on shore and boring. Playing it safe.

Maine Is Small Towns, Grateful, Happier, Simple Living.
Capture Your Thoughts. Slay Those That Betray You, Keep You From Being Grateful.

Like in Hearts, go for it.

Shooting the moon is a staring you in the face option. Don’t miss opportunities. Avoid a silent alarm siren heard loudly. Felt, tasted, seen to just you in the cards you hold.

The circumstances, situation, personalities of the people that surround you. Pulled from the deck. In “this is all we have” daily shuffle. Dealt to work with so get creative. No whining. Throwing in the cards or folding. Stay in the game.

You have more than you need inside, around you to achieve, sustain happiness. Take what you need, discard. Or leave the rest for others. To weave into whatever they assemble. Carefully soul search to arrange. Hold on loosely to in humbly, close, clasped together hands. To just give thanks. And the congregation stood, sang, hung onto the last sustaining trailing note of “Amen”.

Come on in, the water is fine.

Don’t just hang out, only skim the surface. But end up enjoying a greater sense of appreciation and deep down, wall to wall, top to bottom gratitude completely. Swim harder, longer strokes. Out here in the deep end. Way over your head. Where you can not touch. But it is a-ok. You trust yourself, others, the man upstairs.

For the day at the beach. To witness just the how good life just can be. When not joined at the hip with three little contingencies.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.
Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.
And you just let go. No, you give up, stop fighting it. Resist the no holds barred inner nagging when it shows up. Asks what about …

If. When. But.

I will be, can be only happy when those trio of little conditions show up. Are part of the festivities. The sooner the better. Works best in the round and round. Ah, but living in the moment.

Not mortgaged but lien light. Squeaky clean, free and clear. Looking less at others. What they do or don’t say, what they do or don’t have. Other people if you get busy living outside yourself can distract. Disappoint, discourage. Or simply disappear. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Mind your P’s and Q’s.

All of us on the green and blue spinning marble are terminal. And thank God just not so fired up the same old same old. Come in many flavors, variations. Have quirks, perks, lumps, bumps. The same, some different than you and I. To add color, spice, humor. Lending a hand to make life grand.

Our perceptions of others, the fine kettle of fish we find ourselves in. Can give us freedom or fifty lashes. Maybe somewhere in between. But less self absorbed, poor me, not understood. Or enjoying, striving for the white hot spotlight of center of attention. But it’s not about me is it?

True lasting joy is built, laid, piled a stone, brick at a time. An inside job by you and me humming the tune. Writing the words, placing the notes. To make the ride more enjoyable for all within the very circles we scribe. Include others, stay in loop with all the players. To go along to get along.

Some people get through life easier than others.

They make their own luck. Some label it. Mine, dig deep to find inner talent. To hone those survival skills. And tune in the right thinking, not the stinking kind. It helps to center. Negotiate the course that enriches the weary, dusty traveler.

Maine Small Town Public Supper
Maine Is A Big State, Small Towns, Folks Close And All Interconnected.
But does not stop there. It just intensifies. Like a single candle flame that no wind, rain, covering can snuff out or extinguish. Radiating brighter, lasting longer.

Causing a spark to one by one enlighten others we have to get along with for the greater good. To need, learn from each other. To contribute for the end all best that can be collectively.

No man is an island. I was lucky to grow up on a Maine farm. Self sufficient, pretty much contained and seeing my family through the day most of them. Learning much as a little grasshopper from the older members, their teachings.

But sometimes you meet people off the acreage where you work so long and hard. That you can wish you were back on such an island. The folks in your face anywhere but close by, invading your space. Beamed, just on a different one too would suit you just fine.

You don’t feel good about harboring that agonizing notion.

But the joy you build in your own little way.

Maine Is Positive Living, Grateful People.
Small Town Maine People Are Hard Working, Connected, Grateful.
That kindles, snaps, crackles inside. Is shared with family is to be preserved. Not robbed, sucked dry by others. Because charity starts at home and that sacred institution is the basis of everything radiating out from there. To be protected at all costs. Thankful, grateful, just happy to be here works best.

Guard, protect yourself, loved ones from stinking thinking.

This Thanksgiving I hope for all to be truly grateful, appreciative, humble. To think of those not part of family, a long ways from home. Or without one all together. That are hungry, dirty, cold, depressed, sickly, all alone.

Make it brighter for those less fortunate without calling attention to yourself or grandstanding. Because it is just the right thing to do. Live everyday as if it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Veterans Day, the fourth of July, Easter, your birthday. Because it is. Now, who wants more pumpkin pie?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker