Nana, Mary Lou Mooers Preaced, Applied "Gratitude Is Riches" Faith.
Grateful For All We Had, Were Blessed With. My Mom Taught Her Four Boys That.

Maine is rural, simple living.

Hardworking people and no, not everyone these days is a Maine farmer like they were not so long ago. But most Mainers have exposure to farm life. Growing up, working on a Maine farm. Getting your hands dirty. Down on your knees in the dirt. To make spending money. Or scrape together extra funds to help contribute to the family household finances.

From Maine potato farms to blueberry barrens raking. To fishing grounds, farming a new area of deep cold ocean, working on lobster boats. No matter what the stormy weather. Gotta fish or cut bait. Or oh my aching back clam flats raking, hoeing for big belly steamers. Maine truck farming for local markets. Apple picking, honey production, growing crops, raising critters. Dairy farming in Maine is even more intense, round the clock full throttle. Never lets up. Can’t get sick, you’ll get behind. Never catch up. Get lost by the wayside.

I am lucky enough to have grown up on a Maine farm.

Why was the experience a good one, to place both feet on the ground, help keep the head screwed on straight? To give perspective about life, a greater awareness and appreciation with deep gratitude the take away? Because Maine family farming, any farming operation is serious stuff. Not part time, hit or miss. You’re in or your out. Sink or swim. Do or die. You pay you stay, your don’t you won’t.

Paul Harvey “So God Made A Farmer” Video.

Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? What is your purpose in life and what is the source of passion, awareness, work ethic? What is filling the well deep inside you that stirs, causes fire in your belly? Mine is outdoors, the Maine land. What really matters. Shakes you up, makes your tongue hang out. The source of peace, contentment, my industry. Thank God in Maine. Away from mobs of people. Where you can hear yourself think. Sitting down at a bean supper at the local church, farmer’s museum. Or pulling up a diner stool with someone to share our breakfast eggs and bacon. Rubbing elbows. Comparing notes. Exchanging life puzzle pieces. Without the spin, hype, drama, happy horse, cow, chicken, sheep etc STFU manure bull crap.

Life, no one gets out alive.

But before we draw our last breath, don’t get too comfortable. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding, slow the shift of the life sands in the hour glass. I am so lucky to live in Maine, Vacationland full time. Because the four seasons splendor, unspoiled natural beauty is here to tap into, enjoy year round. And if you happen to want to capture the hard work, not all glamour of owning a Maine farm, I know a Maine real estate broker that’s an eager beaver. A little red hen to give you a leg up. Owns one too. Walks the talk. Not all hat and no cattle. Did you notice that something about back to basics simple living, down on the farm theme stole the show? Saturated this year, hitting the Super Bowl ad spot cluster rotations all over the place.

Double click, or tap tap the screen for something with lots of acreage, hectares of Maine farm dirt, land.

For more on Maine farms, property listings. Oh and for the record, I love Dodge trucks. Got a four wheel drive maroon colored one in the Maine family farm estate purchase from my three brothers. A 1999 Dodge pickup with a 318 V8, a Fisher quick switch snow plow and only 11,000 miles on her so far. Not registered. Stays, works on the Maine farm round the year. Ram tough. Like real down to Earth, hardworking people in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker