Space in Maine is measured in acreage not feet, inches.

And unlike many crowded areas where it is zero property lot lines, and it’s why bother putting in side windows. Due to the up close and way way too personal house in your face in all directions.

Maine Is Lower Population, More Space.
Maine, Homes Hide Well, Harder To Spot, Find Easily.

And good luck if you have company when you live outside Maine, in a sprawling cityscape.

Only room in the driveway for one car and then oh oh. Park on the street has to happen. Hope it does not snow overnight. Or your heavily insured rig gets stolen.

Or left on cinder blocks, the tires and much of the vehicle stripped NASCAR quickly to the bone. For precious parts to slip into the chop shop merchandising jet stream. “Five Finger Discount Auto Center, How Can We Help You Today?”

Maine’s terrain, the turf and distance away from population centers removes all that.

We drive older cars, SUV’s with multi color fenders, working pick ups with dings, dents. Maybe some humorous bumper stickers making a statement.

Maine is small towns, simple living. Outdoor space.
On A Mission, Mainers Are Busy Bees But Enjoy More Space, Less People In The Natural Beauty.
Affectionately know around the families, our circle of friends with ladies names.

Like painted on lobster, fishing, sailing boats in a Maine harbor. The keys left in the ignition. Unlocked like the homes, out buildings next to them.

Maine Is Outdoors, All Four Seasons.
Maine, Outside, Another Season. Just Dressed Different. Inner Communication Going On With A Higher Power.

Because less people means more space for the folks lucky enough to vacation here.

Or better yet to put down deep roots. To live here in Maine with families. Working in the neat vibrant communities. Pitching in to add your two cents direction. Sweat off the brow to all the home grown local festivities, the associated service, school, church groups activities.

Respect for other people’s property goes hand in hand with the more relaxed, laid back approach to simple Maine living. But the space is what makes everyone chill. Avoid uptight, antsy. Say whew, you made it to Maine. When you know the feeling as you cross the big green bridge. And the blue, reflectorized sign says you made it cowboy.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot.

Life is harder, money is more precious. Better impulse control with the spending happens. More bartering too in the daily exchanges. But the connection, we all need the others on the small Maine town home team. And all know it. Helps overlook the annoying habits we all have and labor to polish. To improve, be a work in progress. To shine, contribute, pitch in and take our turn. Do more than our share.

More rewarding, deeper appreciation happens over time. Because we are more equipped, self sufficient in so many ways. By necessity and then by choice in the lifestyle. Space helps boost the signal on hear yourself think. The long as your arm list of what we don’t have (traffic, crime, high cost of living) adds much to experience. Of all this Maine drop dead gorgeous, unfiltered natural beauty.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker