Life comes with pressure. Most we can look in the mirror.

Take much of the blame from ourselves. Let’s face it. Level with me. We just pack too heavy. Adding to the extra baggage of life. Both the trip bag weight, piece count. Forgetting what’s important. Like too many trips to the beat the buffet line. (Burp) Excuse me. That steals the buzz.

Outdoors In Maine, Spend Four Seasons Here.
Maine Is Real, Fresh, Original.

That’s not the way we roll in Maine. If you were lucky enough to to be raised here, or live here now you know. Catch my drift? We are already on the same wavelength. But down country, in urban centers that seduce, woo, beckon.

Where values are different. Have to be for a new age kind of survival. Riddles not answered by opening up the Mother Earth News copy tucked under your arm. Got my vibe? In Maine a stranger is not that way long. In a city, keep to yourself, eyes down. Chasing the almighty dollar.

Step on it to try to keep up. Things move too fast. Lots of added layers, circles. The wrong bells, whistles priorities in the shift from Maine simple, real, warm, all natural, spacious. To artificial, cold, plastic, store bought, crowded.

That race for more toys, reaching to scale more rungs on the status ladder, whatever the rabbit trail or wild goose chase to fill the void.

What seems missing. All distract, distort. Make a good person go off course. Forget where North is on the internal compass. Hear that rumble strip sound? How about the air raid sirens? Something rotten smells. You don’t pick up that scent, worry?

When what is good, healthy, natural is messed with in life, that’s where the wobble starts.

Dose levels match the stress levels. Simple math. Go hand in hand. Look around you. You do see the red flags, missed cues piling up right?

Clean Outdoor Living In Maine.
Natural, Outdoors, Clean, Colorful, Fresh. Maine.

Shake the trees, look under the rocks. Come up for air. Stop holding your breath and surface.

People know each other in small Maine towns. We enjoy our daily walks in small Maine towns. We make our own outdoor fun in small Maine towns.

When you hang your hat in retirement, relocation to a small Maine town, you are part of the blood, sweat and tears of the community.

You’re needed, you step up, your talents and skills get stirred into the pot. Take a victory lap. Light ’em up. Smoke those tires.

These Maine images show you more outdoors, less people. More wildlife, less commercial. Look up, see that night sky filled with wall to wall twinkling stars? And you thought they only existed, that just happened in story books. Discover self reliance. Unlock, solve your own inner mysteries. Feel a tugging at your heart strings? Sense a longing to get in your car and travel to the 4th lowest crime state of Maine? We’re done here. For now. (To be continued)…

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker