If you have followed a few Me In Maine blog posts, you would know this guy that hunts, pecks the recycled electrons likes music.

Especially new music. That’s his bacon. Today with technology screaming ahead cutting edge advancements. So much exposure to new tuneage. That’s exploding all around us. Just tap tap into the signal. Sit back, relax, enjoy. Not just to local, stuff close to home for artists, music bands.

Music, Maine, Farm Life, Perfect Combination
Oink. Wee Wee Wee .. Squeal It Out Loud And Clear.

The world is your oyster across the board. To sample the eye candy, musical note arrangements. Handcuffed in barbed wire to the sound. In a shot gun marriage. Infectious music rifts, beats, rhythms, minor chord harmonies, visuals, lighting. Not only limited to what’s within a sow’s pink silk lined earshot either.

Thanks to what you can pick up from the thin air signals of You Tube, XM/Sirius, the talk show circuit interview programming.

What’s shoved, crammed, packed into the other end of the wire. The one you and I are all connected to for more of everywhere we turn in our busy life. For pleasure, purchases, education on anything new and different that just might enhance our lives. Oink. Just Google it.

Today’s favorite spotlight music artist Paolo Nutini highlighted.

Three versions that are all same song with the edgy, catchy lyrics, wordsmith combination. Gets in your head. Goes with you into the shower. Trots out into your sunshine, blue sky day after that second morning coffee shot of caffeine jolts. Takes holt. But the visuals, the setting, edits create a different take away. To partner, tandem with the song words.

Like life, it all depends on the light shining on the topic. Your approach to the what’s put on the table. What is happening in your little world. As you shake and bake. Move and groove. Twist and shout with the pretty back up singers. Hit it ladies… 5,6,7,8.

Background singers, this guy is great with or without them.

Music is life, part of the buzz. Maine is the place to enjoy it more, To enhance what is happening all around you in the place with all this space, friendly people, unspoiled surroundings. Don’t stay away so long Bub. So you can know what you are missing when you just don’t show up Sport. Unless you live in Maine full time and hey. Then well now. I’m done here. Just preaching to the choir ’cause you already know, are smiling, nodding, already on board.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker