Local Soap Box Derby Racing Is Big In Houlton Maine, 66 Volunteers Make The Nation's Largest Event Happen.
Local Soap Box Derby Racing Is Big In Houlton Maine, 66 Volunteers Make The Nation's Largest Event Happen.

In small Maine towns, you quickly learn there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

Everyone has roles to play. The area in Maine they hang those many hats they wear is better off, richer, fuller for local volunteers and their day in, day out efforts. The most important hats in Maine are the jobs, roles you take on with your family…like little league coaching, soap box derby racing, being a sunday school teacher. Kids learn from the entire villiage in Maine. There is a connection and everyone feels a sense of belonging, that they are needed. Because they are.

Many of the service club civic work a local Mainer does, takes on is because in smaller areas, if they did not, it might not get done. Fewer people in Maine..just over a million folks mean grab a tool, hone a skill and take on a job the area folks need you to assume, sign on to. Less people, heck eleven people per square mile in Northern Maine, Aroostook County translates to just enough to have a game thinking. Like when you live in the country in rural Maine and only so many houses in the few miles around your home, so back yard baseball contests with the local kids means hunt, stratch, beg, plead sometimes to fill a skeleton roster.

You’re all there is situation in Maine but a sense of pride that you have a needed role you volunteered to. Lots of them. Serving on local town government boards, helping to shape the future direction, development of the town in Maine you call home. I make my living “selling” Maine and have for thirty years as a Maine real estate broker. But the blogs we write here, around the internet, the videos we shoot, edit and post about the listings, the local community events are not just part of my job. I am a personal fan of Maine. You reading this blog must be too. Once you get all Maine offers, how sincere and caring, hard working the local people are, you find your real home, niche, place under the sun. I am not just a promoter of Maine. I sincerely enjoy living here, promoting it and way I can.

In Maine, our local bands, parades, state hosting of music, sporting events are home grown, not store bought. Our financial resources are limited, our creative efforts to get an event off the ground are off the charts to track. There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Maine volunteer.

Often a kid benefiting from the experience is all that is needed to get the program, event, annual tradition off the ground in a small Maine town.

Sometimes the drive is simply knowing when you were young, growing up in a small town other older members of the town put their shoulder in to this, this and this event. Pick yours and assume the position when you enter adulthood. You feel needed in small Maine towns, connected, aware of the other folks who live here. Why? because you are. What would your area where you live suffer from, lose if you were not there to do this, this and this?

This blog helps get the word out about how we roll in Maine. We work, don’t feel entitled to any free lunch.

Our hearts are strong, designed, shaped, taught to get involved on a strong local level. That’s why I live in Maine.

Ask me how you can get a taste of Maine, or to relocate, retire, get to raise a family here. It’s one of my favorite subjects, hobbies, hats I wear. Here is an video example of a couple living in the Maine woods of Masardis..to give you a taste of being in the woods of Aroostook County..full time on a the Aroostook River.

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