Gaming the system and looking for the current algorithm to spin, stand out, be on top.

To unlock the right combination of input variables to get the maximum return. More than garbage in, the same out. Throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Calculated awareness to plan your moves wisely before taking your hand away. Collecting, holding, discarding, laying down any cards.

It is developing the math, science, computer language technology vision skills to see the big and little picture. Playing the odds. Getting far away from trial and error flying by just the seat of your pants. Trusting your gut forming the tractor tire you wear for life to track the trends. To drive your day to day path making in the creative decision making.

Happiness In Small Maine Towns, Working Public Suppers.
Community Service Volunteering, Working Public Suppers One Maine Algorithm Variable For Simpler Living Joy.

To apply the one by one steps needed by custom chiseling, careful shaving and sanding.

To remove the rough edges, sharp corners of what you build in your backyard garage. Plant, water, weed, feed in the fertile patch of garden dirt where you sink and cover the magic beans.

To match where you live, in your local bubble to the DNA of how the World revolves around you today.

Highly specialized has happened in society as she shifts into a faster road gear, squeezes the gas pedal.

More complicated and needing other people’s technical help, products, services. Being dependent on the Internet to fan the fire. Pour on fuel. Which means expensive if you pay others to keep up by digging deep. Pumping endless streams of quarters, other larger currency to just stay on the beam.

Or studying, determination to adapt, see and understand the changes and apply them to your set of life Rubik’s cube colors. Without becoming frustrated to the point of poor impulse control. Ripping, peeling off the face colors to reapply on a different side square where you herd them to match up to win.

I must say the cup of Joe is exceptional, outstanding Maine home weekend coffee this morning.

Or it’s from watching Captain America on the big silver screen at the local theatre last night’s walk home that got me thinking about algorithms. And how today we run things from the wrong end. Up top down.

Or driven by an industry that scares, manipulates and then feeds on what it creates to control the masses. Exploitation happens and the height of the almighty dollar pile is how you keep score.

Maine Blueberries For Better Health.
Good Maine Food, One More Algorithm Variable For Healthier Living.

Slowly the World, you and I are less of Jack of all trades that Maine is famous for, brimming with in Vacationland. And all the charts like an Albert Einstein in one or just a few areas.

Totally devoid in all the rest we hire out, sub contract to others to maintain and address. Usually the low bidder with the best run operation. Where he and she know the biggest, sometimes only profit is in the expenses. So make it a no sag, no slack fly zone people. Tight is right, red is positive and time is money.

The simple algorithm to gain better, simpler living in Maine reduces, shrinks down any bloated feeling.

Of over stimulation by artificial intelligence. Too much retail therapy. Genuine, home grown, natural patience replaces imitation store bought hurry hurry blur here in Maine.

Because the money is not how we keep score. Or use to flaunt to cause envy in some hoity toity numbering pecking order. No one is labeled, treated, deemed, judged better or worse. Not graded good, bad or both. You are just a striving to improve you like me.

Removed from the equation without Botox, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck procedures.

Maine On The Farm Simpler Living.
Self Sufficiency, More Reliance On Yourself. In The Maine Simpler, Happier Living Algorithm Variable String.

It’s a take what you need, leave the rest. No gluttony hoarding like you must have worms.

Or a hungry cancer to feed that eats you up from the inside out. Still all about others. Not vanity or ego, insecurities but the greater good in a small Maine town. That has not changed.

ET heart like glowing brighter than ever inside. Because you feel at home comfortable, in your right place under the sun in the simple Maine small town surroundings.

The strong connection take away from the solo sport of gaming the algorithms by your lonesome. Replacing that busy technical chase your tail work with fire in your belly creative passion. To pour it on that make a difference in other people’s lives.

Awareness of the sparsely populated community’s needs and working in unison. Pulling together in the traces to survive, grow, prosper. Concentrating on what we show and tell in raising our families in the privacy of our Maine homes. Partnered with the collective roles all of us take on out and about in the entire Maine village or burg.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker