The best job in the World, meeting neat people along with matchmaking properties to fit the folks.

This Maine blog post couple highlighted a guy raised in Brooklyn, two Vietnam War river boat tours. Met a lady on some rest and relaxation from the rice paddies in the hop across the puddle to Australia.

Fire Makes You Make The Most When Housing Is Slim.
The Car Became The Home, It Happens.
Where Madalyn worked, they first met approaching four decades ago.

They both never stopped thinking of each other.

But life pulled each in other directions. To opposite sides of the blue and green revolving marble.

Not traveling in the same circles or daily paths. And Madalyn proceeded to build a home in the bush. 800 miles from the nearest store and shopping every three months. To avoid expensive local foodstuffs. Off grid self sufficient too. Gutsy lady.

In a tent first with a dog named Tao. A K-9 cross, blend of mastiff and labrador. Raised from a puppy and in a country with nine out of ten of the most deadliest snakes on the planet. That on walks would go ahead, kill a snake it sensed on some internal radar.

But one day coming back into the tent after exploring. That had a lit citronella candle for mosquitoes and black flies. Was hit by the tail of the happy big dog returning to a sleeping owner.

Marilyn had dozed off writing a letter. And when the dog wrote her up, pulling at her in the thick smoke, she just had time to leap out of the tent. Before everyone caught a blaze and a gas tank exploded. Everything including money burned up, destroyed in a flash.

Time to rebuild and until construction moved into the Ford Cortina car. She in front, Tao in back. In the outback, seeing Roos, Wallabees. Shopping at a Coop, places like Sally’s, stores that recycle good stuff someone else used lightly. Or not at all. Never took a shining to. Just not liked, worn and ta da. Second time around Rose deja vu for you to try on. Wear, sport, hang in your closet. To take home paying whatever that color dot represented on the wall chart of unheard of savings. Discounts are easier when the cost of goods is free. No mark up for what the traffic will stomach.

The far away neighbors helped this lady with the big dog in Australia get the materials for re-building.

Which were stolen before being pieced together while parked at the old tent location cleared spot. Hard times, tough lady, interesting experiences in the outback of a country far from Maine. Where Frank says he never stopped thinking about her. She lamented, admitted the same.

The reach out for Where’s Waldo, I mean Frank that Madalyn had used came up a dead end.

Contacted the Vietnam Veterans Center in Washington DC to see if he could be located through the membership. He was not in that group. She cried on the shoulder of a friend the night before that she had to accept Frank was gone forever. He found her through social media tenacity and called the very next morning. Looking for me? Panning, sifting for locations of a missing love online finally hit pay dirt. Got traction.

They worked through the two year green card process. That’s another story. Were married and are here in Maine. Ready to move because one by one taking turns staying with his family mostly in Pennsylvania is getting difficult. Love the kids but everyone wants their own TV channel wand to surf. The old space on the couch to find their personal choice for feeding tube offerings. Will keep you posted on how they make out… her expressions are precious.

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