What I am about to share with you, brace yourself, it may be something you just don’t want to hear.

I have got some bad news to deliver. You better sit down. Not sure how to begin to tell you this.

How does that Maine blog post lead in with the H1 bracketed amplification emphasis hit you? Do you tighten up, look away? Wondering what the frig is this all about? You definitely don’t feel like wait for it, wait for it, here it comes.

World War Two Bomber Planes Flak.
Flak Happens, Bad News Comes In Lots Of Forms.
Something pleasant, light, airy with a delightful easy to swallow bounce to it. Bright, warm and fuzzing is not the expectation right?

Somebody has died. There’s been an accident, many people seriously injured. The IRS audit team just called.

There’s a registered letter dodging you like a deputy needing to serve you with some legal papers. Or you can sense it is going to be like the “you wait until your father gets home” as a kid. Or a lecture about “now you’re done it, smooth move wedge head” is about to begin. Run for cover. No, you don’t have to sit in the corner or go to your room. Because you’ve done nothing wrong to feel guilty about right? (Pause) I can’t see your eyes. (Pregnant pause) Right?

The older I get, the more I like blunt people.

No punches pulled. Straight forward, no manure spread around the dance in the conversation. No bottle whitened pearly teeth flashed in straight formation while a pitch is delivered. The knife of there has to be a catch slipped between two ribs. Or arm twisting to make you reach for your wallet, purse suggested.

What are you selling? They want something, are peddling some product or service.

Maine Deer, Moose, Wildlife.
Your Neighbors Four Legged, Furry, Curious, Shy.
No arm around my shoulder to pull me close and make me think the guy or gal talking is genuinely just glad to see me. Unless a true family or long time friend. And not out of the blue needs to talk with you about the circles, pyramid, being a seller of soap products and other whiz bang gotta have items.

Straight forward conversation comes from someone busy and as if words cost twenty dollars a piece.

Chose wisely young Jedi and trust the force that is strong within you grasshopper remarked with grandparent wisdom tone style. Candor, being candid does not set well with everyone in the audience. Maybe not enough people are and go apathetic. Or the extreme of don’t want to offend anyone so don’t look at me for any opinions on any topic whatsoever.

Because there are folks that just don’t take very well any constructive criticism or differing opinions. You are with them or against them. Friend or foe happens. It can be the way you and I are judged, labeled. White or black hat wearing. Or some times it depends on the day for the color you see. Like you are a loose cannon. Not sure how they feel with you at the moment and gotta get back to you on that one.

Happy Maine Families, Households.
How To Cook Up A Happy Household, Create A Happy, Responsible Family Member.

A friend of mine was a Maine junior high soccer coach.

Kai is a straight shooter. Not just in the job as a now retired US Border Patrol guy wearing green with a 223 rifle. Or out hunting. But in his approach to life. Say it like it is and please return the favor so we are on the same at ease solider wavelength. He has to wear a hat. Doesn’t pick or care about the color. Is his own boss so to speak. Right behind Tina.

A mother was on his back during a winning season where his soccer team did not lose a game. But she was unhappy with him as coach. He was not playing Jimmy, Joey, it does not matter the name. Whoever he was, spending way way too much time on the bench. Developing sores for her, not the kid. He was after all she reminded the coach on a regular basis, his best player. Increasing the volume of her son should be getting more playing field dirt, grass stains to shout out in his uniform this season whine.

After a practice, pulled aside and lighting up a cigar he started his conversation with Mom.

Low voice aside, out of earshot or to observe visually, he let Mom know “Your son is a great kid. You’ve done a super job raising him. But. Frankly, he just lacks soccer talent.” Her jaw dropped. Conversation had a lull. The bottom dropped out and she was speechless. I said whoa. You told her that face to face with a Cuban going? Without pleasure, not delivered meanly, he spilled the beans out of sight of the team that had dispersed. Relayed what she did not want to hear. Not expected, had not considered but believe it or not had to process. To explain why he was not out on the field in the game rather than sitting watching it.

If your conversations, what you write, how you communicate, do you dare to be open and honest? Not provocative, exotic or for show. But because it cuts to the chase. Says it like you mean it, see it. Shooting from the hip. Life’s short, people are busy, be tough skinned, tender hearted. Be kind, be honest. Put all the cards face up, down on the table more than holding them close to your chest. But there are situations where it’s no way feelings don’t get stepped on. Instead of respect and going along to get along, you could end up on the you know what list for the “somebody had to say it”.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker