Excitement, anticipation builds as right on time, the seed catalogs for spring garden planting show up in Maine.
Home Grown Vegetable Food You Grow.
Healthy, Large Helpings Of Garden Fresh Home Grown Food You Produce. Priceless.

One by one the mail carrier delivers from the leather heavy pouch he totes the here and there, food for thought in the what to plant. The Troy-bilt rototiller is parked. Waiting, thirsty to be gurgled with gas. Fired up and put into action.

To push the lever forward, to make the tines turn. To till the dirt. Smooth, churn, break up the ground to prepare it for whatever was started for seedlings on the kitchen table. On the glass sun porch window sill.

The card table unfolded and layered with old newspapers. When the time is right and the sun’s angle of its powerful rays tell you it is time to think about spring garden planting the contents, green chutes from the peat pots.

So do you have the tendency to make the flower or vegetable garden you plant bigger and bigger?

Ignoring the “easy does it” temptation to keep it expanding? Knowing all too well that chaos happens if you don’t tend to the weed, feed, water and guidance along the way. To the rich, satisfying harvest time. To cash in on the fruits of your labor for veggie production of good, wholesome, nutritious home grown produce. You can sell what you don’t place on your own family dining table right? Or give away the bounty, half the fun of sharing the fruits of your garden labor, dedication.

Maine Farmer’s Market Video

Gardening tips from Mother Earth News, an old companion, friend that gives you the skinny. The straight manure on what works, why and where in the backyard gardening roll up your sleeves. To dig in the prepared, stone and grass free dirt and produce the most bountiful harvest ever. Sometimes it is not about the food you will reap, but being on your knees in your spiritual garden that feeds your hunger best.

So what are you going to plant in your garden this year you never have before?

Do you grow Kale? Where to plant what in the garden. Knowing use of the real estate, space is key. Planting early varieties of this there. So late arrivals to the gardening party spread out and use that vacated space like squash, cucumbers do. Like cooking a meal and making sure all the pots on the stove, meatloaf and baked potatoes in the oven come out on time, in synch with harmony when the supper bell triangle is ding ding dinged. For the come and get it.

So seed catalogs for spring garden planting? Is that a highlight in your day to browse through, dream about and get your motor running to get down on your knees in the dirt?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker