Standardized educational systems, the classroom approach to mass assemble what’s important in our society is one hot
Teaching The Essentials.
Teaching, Not Scolding, But Guiding, Nurturing Young Children.
Maine potato.

How to “build” from the cradle, as a young grasshopper all the way up to a responsible, community minded, self supporting, contributing adult.

But like a new video game that initially challenges to stimulate but shortly is figured out and mastered, education is not just striving to achieve higher test scores in a factory setting.

The success of the classroom education is not just measured by healthy GPA’s to get the sheep skin, but outside that multi-layered restrictive filtered system.

What happens in real world applications way beyond the classroom “educational simulator”.

And the fun, passion of wide open, old fashioned brainstorming. Creative free thinking. Not just in a group but one on one with just you outdoors in a Maine natural setting.

Without a critical eye in the bunch, any wet blankets thrown on the individual who like the Harry Chapin so many colors in the rainbow song does not agree that all flowers have to be red. That everything is not cut and dry, black and white and come in many more than fifty shades of gray.

That you or I as youngsters can without any guilt reach for, apply other colors. To express our individual spark, unique creative spirit we are born, blessed with but can lose. Some argue that like the Maine snowflake, no two the same distinction is being lost, going extinct.

Squeezed, stamped out and that there is no place in standardized educational herd them in and out modules for the individual creative expression. That essential emotions, passion if missing or stifled, smothered can ignite a cancer of dark cold sameness. That ripples across, “dumbs down”, turns out the lights on everything it touches in the fabric holding together, shaping our society.

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the irony of no child left behind in education where kids are disengaged, don’t get a benefit and conformity not individuality is pushed.

Instead of curiosity, that it’s okay to be different and diverse. He asks there is teaching, but is there learning going on?

And do our well intentioned public schools kill creativity?

The education, critical thinking skills and ability to adapt out in the real world realizing that ADHD is not an epidemic. Just maybe a flawed approach in the cross hair target for our educational approach to teaching in our country. What thinks you?

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