New Year’s Resolutions… what is your batting average?

Oh. (Pause.) Really? How come so low? Maybe you need mainelakestormone of the ten apps for keeping New Year’s resolutions. Many of us have never kept a New Year’s resolution for more than a few weeks. Lots don’t make the list at all. Used to and gave up. Or just missed the memo.

Old habits just die hard? Or listening too much to the Doobie Brother’s album “What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits” part of the problem? Why the slippage, temptation to keep doing what we tell others, say we don’t want to do and are going to stop, quit for good? But why don’t we? Why the easy sunshine light and bright making the list, but quick storm clouds rolling over to foil, destroy the A to Z?

Turning over a new leaf, taking a new direction means will power.

What is the horsepower behind what you say you want to do and steps you are taking to make sure you are successful?

Like winning, you have to want to was explained by an Argentina shrink who was in the office a month ago.

Looking for a multi family rental house to buy, move to in the year ahead. The conversation came up out of concern about smoking. Loved ones you want to help, wished they could stop but struggle and don’t kick the habit for good. Often you can not stop for yourself but out of love for another, that is the direction taken. Like hockey goals, there are no ugly ones. Take the route that gets results for the healthiest outcome right?

I shared with him a tale of one woman who had chomped on the Nicorette gum, had the holes to prove the acupuncture treatments. Been under the spell of hypnosis. Applied the patches that gave her weird out of this world scary dreams. Attended faithfully, weekly herded into the classes with other support members. To quit smoking in group, buddy system fashion.

But despite wanting to, taking the steps could not. Strong willed and determined lady, feisty but how come smoking so hard to stop? For the reach for the long white skinny cylinders of twenty. Packed with the expensive Turkish or Kentucky blend of tobacco. And a few other added ingredients the side panel says, no strongly warns is a no no?

Without anyone in the room laying on a leather couch, no fifty five minute session, Doc said there is a reason you keep doing what you know is hazardous to your health.

Nothing bad will happen to you Superman thinking that just unlucky other people will get the down side whammy. And that the gain seems to be in your brain worth more than the pain, the side effects. He plainly, no bluntly, without sympathy of any sort stated my friend does not want to stop smoking. Period. Reformed smokers are like that when it becomes crystal.

Maine Cat Stuffed, Wanting To Nap.
Whoa. Need A Cat Nap, I’m Stuffed. Looking For A Sun Spot.
(Note to blog post readers… she has quit smoking… been a month now and counting! Please cross those fingers, toes, say a little prayer for her. Thank you. We now take you back to your regularly scheduled blog post now in progress.)

The ten best new year’s resolutions for 2014 in one doctor’s opinion. Who says this new year’s resolution habit, ritual started back in ancient times. Another blogger says new year’s resolutions are bad for you. Only eight percent of the wishers are successful or stick with it. She figures you damage your self worth from failures.

I say make the New Year’s resolution doable, obtainable and realistic.

For example, you want, won’t settle for anything less than winning the Boston Marathon next year may be too lofty a goal. Just finishing it would be grand and not the do or die edging out at the wire, the ribbon the tall, well tanned runner who does win in record breaking time. Is nicknamed “The Wind” or “Lightning” in his home country for a reason.

Keep the list short, close to your ability and don’t be afraid to ask for help, or avoid expecting overnight success. You can do it starts with do you really want to bad enough to actually make it whatever it takes sink or swim? It is not a matter of being weak. Do you want to add or subtract this from your lifestyle?

The South American head doctor in the office lobby with the free medical advice about smoking said he quit. It was all about asking the guy he brushed his teeth with each morning why he does it. To examine his thoughts, motivation when he steps outside to light ’em, smoke ’em if you got ’em. What is rolling around in your head before you torch one. The thoughts developing after you flick the butt, snub it out. There are the answers to why you do the bad habit you want to break and why there is a problem Houston.

Happy New Year and hope your list of resolutions pan out, stick. That you get what you want to adjust in your life for a healthy, richer, full one loaded with quality. My resolution to you would be move to Maine if you are an outside reader. I can help line you up with a professional wearing the gold and dark blue “R” pin.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker