The habit of walking is easier when you live in a state the 4th lowest in crime.

Safe areas, lots of space, less traffic.That is Maine.

Maine Is Hardworking People.
Working Close, Dedicated, Dependable, That’s Maine.

wintersunset And when you walk to places in a small Maine town, you feel a greater sense of the community. Part of a neat area of lower population but more connected, tighter knit. You are depended on by the others lucky enough to live in that small unique Maine town who return the favor. Makes the small Maine town great.

In a city, the hassle of having a car is trumped by using mass transit.

Quicker, cheaper, no parking hassles. No one steals your ride and you’re better off to be without a car. Than paying to protect it, park it. Keep track of the car in an area where room to use it is always precious, tedious, time consuming.

Because most of Maine is towns, and the small size variety, walking to the movie theatre, a place to eat, the library, health care facility or shopping for whatever is easy. Everything is nearby, pretty darn handy. Less people, no crowds, zip for delays. Because folks don’t have to be herded like cattle. Traffic lights are not the norm, not needed either for crowd control,

Often the Maine walk on a summer evening has built in delays.

Stops to talk, chat with folks you know on an open Maine porch in a small town.

People walk for the fresh air, to not be confined in a small space. That experience is prison. For the slower, leisurely under your own horsepower better health of the stroll, we walk. On a woods trail in Maine you see wildlife, hear birds, notice flowers in season. Awareness happens. Clarity’s volume knob gets a big twist. Leaves budding in spring. The sound of the summer breeze or light rain in the summer on those leaves. That protect you, along with rain gear, something warm for layers. To experience the smells of fresh rain, the clean sparkle of a shower. See puddles pinged, hear rivers rat a tat pelted like on a tin roof of percussion. For a low whispering snare drum low rumble sound to add to your routine walk. To round out the life experience.

When you walk with a friend, you study the Maine surroundings less, instead focus on active listening.

Or sharing something inside that gets discussed, brought out in the open. Remembered, considered as you sometimes reshape your thoughts. You forget you are walking when talking, conversing. Until you meet someone else after the same healthy Maine walk. And exchange hellos, or smiles. Or reach down to pet the dog that makes you wonder. Who is actually walking who?

You don’t think of walking your cat but walking your dog in Maine, friendly haunts, where to do it. Ever thought of taking your horse on vacation in Maine? Needs a reservation but done all the time. Trail rides on horse at Acadia National Park gives your steed a work out.

Or you could take a carriage ride around the park’s 50 mile trail system with neat stone bridges, waterfront vista, varied terrain. But not the same calorie burning, toning up, stretching those legs that becomes routine, a healthy addiction. Anything instead of camping out on the Maine couch. Killing time, wasting daylight. Learn more about Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker