The lead in headline for the Me In Maine blog post from singer Billy Joel’s “The Entertainer”.

farmwarningShortening a great song that was just too long. I liked Billy Joel better before he became big, well known. Maybe the raw, new, fresh is the reason.

Refreshingly different. And not being everywhere on the dial before he hit it big. Or because with success, comes polish and commercialization.

As the art evolves into finely tuned, cleverly packaged and slick, tight. Sometimes predictable. You do what you have to be accepted, fit in, be popular. Go along. Sometimes to survive. But taking a stand, letting others warm up to you and what you represent. Not the other way around.

Cold Spring Harbor, the first Billy Joel LP was mastered a tad too fast. But take a sea cruise and when you slide up on a stool at the piano bar, watch the expression of the guy or gal at the ivories. Sitting on the bench when someone wanders in and asks, no shouts, pleads, demands “play Piano Man!” Even if it’s the fourteen time, sure, why not?

Maybe the mystique of any musical artist is what is happening in your life as the tune spins.

In the background of your day to day life. Or sung along to or just from an earlier era that takes you back instantly. Transports, reminds you of your bearings, perspective at the time. Where you younger like the song, the artist, the group making it. When it was top of the charts. Climbing up, peaking and falling off.

What musical artist, group did you hear, see perform, have experienced more than once, followed for years and were made to feel the same way?

Liked better before discovered by the masses. But still enjoyed plenty with the swell, the here we go increase in notoriety. Any in particular come to the front of your brain? Roll around inside and once heard after a lull, long period of absence the kick start happens quickly. Powerfully, deeply wherever it left off last?

I live in Maine, I am so so glad I do.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker