Miles Of Natural Unspoiled Scenery, Must Be Talking Maine.
Let Go, Listen, Gawk, Get Unplugged In Maine As Often As Time Allows.

Life is short, and Maine was made as a spot to stop, drop everything and relax.

Let go. Figure out things. Less people, more four season beauty and a place you can catch your breath. Stop the world for awhile and really enjoy life.

Biked to the top of Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Mountain Sunday and what a series of images to collect. To savor and enjoy as today back in the work week.

When you live in Maine, one week a year is not all you get to enjoy Vacationland.

Spending a measly seven days, a long weekend or two does not cut it. For me it is not nearly enough Maine to tide me over. To help me discover a true quality of life. And did the lime popsicles and Vitamin water taste extra good because of the pedal bike climb through the carriage trails of Acadia Park on the way to the top of Cadillac on a picture perfect day.

Been away too long? Or never been to Maine? You can bring your horse with you to explore Acadia National Park too. Biking, hiking, horsing around in Maine.

Nearly 100 cruise ships park off the Maine coast yearly and tourists on vacation often never get beyond the rock bound coastline. Discover the jewel called Maine. She has many facets and requires a life time to sample, enjoy, discover. Been away a long long time, then it’s way past time to reconnect.

Visit Maine as soon as you can.

Bring your camera to take home full living color, never fade memories along with Maine seafood, home grown produce too. Start out with Mt Desert Island, some walks through downtown Bar Harbor. A hike, bike or drive up Cadillac Mountain and you will be hooked. Addicted. Have to return over and over.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker