Maine Christmas Trees.
Packing, Racking, Stacking Maine Christmas Trees.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is bright, personal, family close and memorable.

Passing on those traditions. Remembering loved ones departed but not forgotten. Christmas is a time of reflection, inner searching, greater awareness of what is important in your life.

Maine Christmas Trees Heading To Market.
Which One Do You Want In Your Living Room?

For some in the kitchen creating pans of fudge, squares, candy, cookies, coconut balls, mocha cakes, fruit breads made with love goodies.

Delivering them to be enjoyed by many that look forward yearly to the sampling. For many making Christmas happen in places where none would without them. Taking a card from a Christmas tree of a young child and shopping for them to make Christmas possible. Only knowing it’s a boy, eight or a girl fourteen to go on for the present. But it all shows someone cared, knows the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas.

Ringing the Salvation Army Kettle drive bell.

Wishing shoppers Merry Christmas and watching a child excited about depositing money. For others. It is all about others less fortunate. Caroling to shut ins. Visiting hospitals, nursing homes. Preparing meals at a local Elks club to disabled vets, the homeless. To make sure everyone feels the magic of Christmas. Feels the joyous spirit of the season beyond the commercialization. The pretty paper and bows and ho ho ho’s. Maybe giving blood, reading Christmas stories at the local library in front of a crackling, dancing flame fireplace.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Some egg nog, peanut brittle and frosted sugar cookies in shapes of the season trees, bells, reindeer. Only you know what makes it special, so near and dear for you. Cherished and enjoyable. Maybe it’s oyster, lobster stew, crab dip, steamed shrimp or lasagna on Christmas Eve. Family feasts, gift exchanging. Office parties. Maybe a cocktail, hot toddy festive drink someone stops in for around the holidays. Decorating with twinkling colored lights out front your home. Cousins sliding, building snow forts, digging tunnels. Pond hockey, bon fires and skating parties.

Church candle light church services with sanctuaries filled with the sight and smells of greenery.

Pine boughs, child choirs, angels, night filled starry skies guiding the way to the place of a special child’s birth.

Christmas is hope, faith, peace. Reruns of Rudolph, Home Alone, Charlie Brown Christmas.

Bing Crosby, other standards, favorite Christmas songs, hymns, carols. It is Santa and 8 sets of hoof prints, the overloaded sleigh on the roof top. The hand kid written letters, cookies and milk. Carrots, apples too left for the round guy in red velvet, white fur, the belly laugh, pink cheeks, black boots. Merry Christmas from Maine faithful blog readers.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers