Maine Lake Recreation, Get Your Fill In ME.
Maine Lake Living, We Have Lots Of Waterfront Options. All Clean, Uncrowded.

When you visit, live in Maine, outdoors is the place to be all four seasons.

Any chance you get. Because this is Vacationland. It’s the call of the wild, in our blood. And sitting on the couch with a channel changer wand held high and pointed at the big screen is not the default activity. It’s getting out on the open water. Hiking up over hill and dale on the trail. Picnics along the way in the backyard of Maine wildlife.

Maine Is Outdoors, Space, Natural.
Folks Spend Their Life, Four Seasons Outdoors In Maine.

Natural, real, hitting a person deeply using all the senses. Not just one or two. So if someone with a snow sled, pair of skis, a four wheeler or bike calls and asks do you want to blah blah…the answer is sure. And one more healthy excuse to be outdoors any season for any reason in Maine. Urban areas are the reverse. Having to hide out inside to escape the crowds, mobs. Or head rooftop for the break from all those intense, not always everything’s rosy, such happy camper people. The only option for any degree of space, solitude unless you can hold on until you run away to Maine next.

I know I know if you have not been to Maine, you have been told by someone that has not as well that you should watch out for polar bears, expect igloos.

Given a version of the Maine weather, climate that is out of whack. Not the way it rolls here. NOooooo… that depiction, description is the North or South Pole like existence. Maine is not in the Artic Circle. So sorry, no polar bears in Maine. Lots of Maine farm animals, wildlife infested woods happen all day long though. And fish rich waterfront recreational options galore. That never end.

Maine Rural Simple Living Is Healthier.
More Maine Farm Animals, Nature’s Wildlife, Not People.

So whenever you can get away, head to Maine. Plan to be outdoors, dressed for the season. Filling your lungs with fresh Maine clean air. Feeling the warmth of sunshine combined with cobalt blue overhead. Your eyes wide open and taking in your fill of the star loaded array arranged against black velvet night skies. Brilliant Maine fall foliage happens. Along with a buffet of lush greens of a zillion shades appearing, surrounding, entertaining.

It is not like this in many other places. Maine is the way life used to be elsewhere.

Sneak a peak. Wander up anytime you can clear the busy schedule. And the next time there won’t have to be any arm twisting. You need to come to Maine. For the peace of mind, the scenery and down to Earth friendly people. Thanks for following our Me In Maine blog posts. Learning about being on the edge, as close as you can get to Heaven on Earth.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker