Maine's Four Seasons, Pick Your Favorite.
MAINE | Clarity, Awareness, Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Happens Here.

Maine August weather today predicted to bring 88 degree temperatures.

The sunny skies overhead are the perfect backdrop for outdoor time on your knees in flower beds. In gardens, strawberry, blueberry patches. Collecting the ingredients for home made pies. Hand crafted with lots of love and only freshest natural ingredients. Another slice of strawberry rhubarb pie…yes please. Better load, top it with just one scoop of the home made vanilla ice cream on this second slab though.

The change of Maine climate temperature on the ends of the day as summer living marches on signals a new phase, shift. Low lying mist cotton ball pockets blanket the level to rolling foothills, waterfront regions.

The full moon orb overhead adds to the seasoning of being alive, wandering around outside in Maine’s vast areas of less people, more bold scenery, timid wildlife.

The air crispness is fresh, alive and steps up the awareness, clarity of a person a few notches. With just a hint, smidgen of the next season that Jack Frost has the lead role in that is over the next horizon. And swish swish of the downhill and cross country snow skiing that happens on top of that. As the carousel of Maine’s four seasons spin, play on in the background.

When you hike, bike up a Maine hill, mountain or paddle around sitting low in a lake or sea kayak, you listen. Without words being spoken. The setting doing all the talking, communication. You feel, sense and just know things that the hurry scurry of earlier life’s obligations can shelf, postpone. Or end up in the back of a closed dark drawer. Ripening like green tomatoes plucked from the garden that you wish to make red the natural patient way.

The Drifters had a song about “Up On The Roof” and in a city.

The only place to get above the rattle and hum of the city’s RPMs was topside. To take a break from all the up way way too close, in your face wall to wall mob of people. The endless stream of don’t know one soul of the coming at you in all directions serious, not wearing a smile. “Hit the roof” was the only city escape instant evacuation option to check out momentarily. To hear yourself think. Gain perspective.

Serious, worrisome folks the norm take away. Sensed from the first glance impression. Like asteroids rushing past. Many carrying blank painful expressions. All in one life and death, do or die major hurry. To keep up. To get some place they are not in now. To other parts of the city. The urban concrete jungle. Where so much time is spent stuck, stalled, sandbarred.

Desperately trying to avoid other people is fruitless. Bumping, pushed into their personal air space and yours being invaded. Because of just the sheer numbers, waves, herds the downside of daily survival in a city. Where you don’t see the night sky stars, moon for the smog, light pollution. I am glad to be alive, living in Maine. Just sayin’. So’s you know.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker