More Black Birds, Ravens, Crows In Maine.
Black Raven Birds Greater In Number, Size And Noise Levels In Maine This Summer.

When something changes in a small Maine town, it happens slowly.

Goes unnoticed for a time. Like more local ravens that are noisier, in greater number. That seem to be on a steroid regiment. Bigger than average. Like a super race of them has been rolled out by Jackson Lab. Or some other Maine sterile, test tube, Bunsen burner and beaker scientific entity.

If you are a fan of Stephen King books, the Maine author’s “The Stand” could be your all time favorite literary work.

It is mine from the vast collection. Hands down. Especially the extended play, longer version. Where an extra five hundred plus pages gets restuffed, repackaged and put back out on the shelves. Adding deeper color, depth and dragging out the writer’s good versus evil fictional hunt and peck creation. Pages culled out, surgically removed by the original editors put back out in the daylight. Before the days of firing up a Kindle. To enjoy fireside on a stormy winter Maine day. Or inside during a rainstorm or as you kill time waiting for The Sandman to do his dog and pony late night routine. Make his rounds.

Randall Flagg, the fictional bad guy that raven like flies. That has mental mind reading powers far beyond a normal mortal man brought up on Wheaties or Cheerios comes to mind this summer.

When I am in the real estate office, a thirty two foot commute from my Maine home the banter of “caw caw caw” gets my attention.

Wondering what’s the hub bub, commotion about outside? As the household’s two cats create a stir with their outdoor presence. Lounging in the cool lawn grass. Tails swishing in unison. Teasing, wearing their winter fur coats that have no zippers or buttons. While under the watchful eye of many ravens in tall, old established maples shading the office parking lot. Bigger, braver, not so easy to shoo shoo and scare. Make disappear. They hang around. Could fly off with a cat or make quick slice and dice of other household pets adopted from the local pound.

Creating a bigger, louder, more of the Heckle and Jeckle mag pie type Asian bird noisy dooryard stir this summer in Maine. And in my travels around Southern Aroostook, Northern Washington and Piscataquis Counties in Maine, there are more ravens dotting the countryside too. Local farmers have complained about their destruction of planted field rows at a time of too much water, late planting adding more complaint to the misery of agriculture. Dependent on the weather, other uncontrollable elements.

Heckle And Jeckle Mag Pies Video Like Maine Ravens, Crows This Summer.

Have you noticed the sight, sound and greater number of the not so popular black winged bird, pitch dark hued ravens in your Maine location recently?

Or where ever you call home on the revolving blue and green marble? Not a tourist attraction like whale watching off the coast of Bar Harbor. Or as pulse increasing as seeing your first, one and only moose on a maiden voyage along the unpopulated RT 11 in the Allagash. Or tooling up or down US Rt 2A thru the famed Haynesville Woods. Where all those trailer truck drivers end up on cold dark nights buried with mile marker consistency.

Maine, you will enjoy the loons, bald eagles, puffin and hummingbirds more than the coal black ravens this summer. Not thinking there are crock pot recipes or gas grilling secret sauces to enhance dining on raven but willing to Google the subject. You’ve heard about eating crow right? But probably just are not so jump up and down excited about dining on a carcass that circles, swoops down on highway road kill though. If you only knew what Maine lobster that everyone goes ga ga over raided the ice box to feast on at the bottom of the ocean. (Smile).

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker