Maine Is Water, Fast Moving, Loud, Cold, Fun  H20.
Paddling For All You Are Worth Until Command “HOLD ON” Hollered On A Fast, Noisy Maine River.

Road trip, just made a cross country one with youngest son who’s freshly graduated from college in Colorado Springs, CO.

The red jeep four of the kids learned to perfect driving skills in called Sally ran like a top. All the way back to Maine after the college graduation ceremonies died down, were completed. Small muffler hole started being noticed after crossing Kansas. But other than some added rumble stock car like noise. When rolling down the window to take a toll ticket or pay, settle up the fare. Covered a lot of ground easily. The music, company helped. It was all good as kids like to remind.

Over 5400 songs on the lap top for the ride back to Maine.

GPS course directions for the shortest route shouted out. Providing the least road construction sites to eye the jeep through the traffic needle. That would slow the drive time considerably if not avoided. Waved around. Saw lots of accidents on the way back across country. Worse one in Nebraska with a badly crippled, crinkled, tractor trailer truck on it’s side. Field dirt scraped, piled up inside filling the cab from the dangerous slide. Up the road laying still from a farm tractor pulling scattered equipment that had been hit hard. And you know there were fatalities. As up the road you see ambulances, fire trucks and more first responders show lights flashing. Sirens blaring, racing up the west bound highway heading back to the scene of the accident just witnessed.

The big screen lifted high messages. That you see on the open road that Maine without billboards does not have make you think. Do they distract or help with the boredom of 75 mile per hour speeds on straight as an arrow flat ribbons of multi lane roadway? With not much else of interest to look at but corn fields.

Picking up a traveler, tourist motel coupon booklet and the co pilot taking turns driving using the smart phone to get back to Maine.

To compare the Priceline hotel discount once a ten plus hour day of driving neared it’s end. And a bed is secured. To catch some ZZzzz’s, lay horizontal until the get up and do it again at daybreak. To again inch across the map of the country toward Maine.

Your kid’s music rubs off on you. And it is nice to see the selection on the hard drive includes lots of songs I played raising the kids. That they came to enjoy growing up. That are on playlists to tap tap and fire up. For background tunes to make the trip more enjoyable. For the times when conversation lulls. Or book reading shift for the co pilot break. While enjoying time away from the ten and two of the Jeep’s steering wheel.

Daft Punk’s latest album still playing in my head. So many good songs in a band that never stays the same, is always pushing for new, higher unchartered musical ground. Listening to the effects of Niles Roger’s Daft Punk influence on the tunes part of the ride west to east this road trip. Pharrell Williams adds his musical seasoning to the mix too!

Glad to be home safe and sound, with son heading to white water raft river guide for Northern again this summer in The Forks area of Maine. Have you ever white water rafted a Maine river? Come see, feel, hear and try to tame a Maine river.

Maine, wide open, get lucky, dissolve, get lost in the unspoiled four season outdoor experience.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker