Missing Anything In Life, Get To Maine.
Take Two They’re Huge To Swallow. Maine Sunrises, Sunsets Cure What Ails You.

Is too much of a good thing a bad thing, when you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time?

Lots of people outside Maine chomp at the bit for that week long vacation. The long weekend where they scrambled to clear away some time to cross the big green bridge to get to Vacationland for some much needed rest and relaxation.

The day to day people too close and not the happiest of campers in the urban concrete jungle. Takes it toll. Wears you down. Like battle fatigue. Or when you care take a loved one that is sick a long long time. Numbness happens, just going through the motions. And slowly the joy inside gets drained away. Your cup no longer runneth over. Heck it is not even half full and dropping. Like a sinking relationship that unravels where you see all the red flags, missed cues and the not so happy ending.

Maine is not a place you have to have two pockets of cash or plastic cards with giant credit limits to tap into during your stay here.

Low cost, no cost recreation outdoor in Maine is what the Pine Tree State is famous for, why folks make it a life time habit to return. Over and over, every chance they get. Come for our local delicacies of home made food in Maine too. Camping, pitching a tent, pulling in a pop up camper, fifth wheel home away from home is huge in Maine.

Take two they are huge, choke you up when you are trying to swallow. To wrap your head around the sunrise, or sunset in the many dramatic settings in Maine. That are so foreign to someone not used to the space. The less or no people at all surrounding you like back in the land of cloverleafs, shadow causing skyscrapers, panhandlers and prostitutes, hustlers. Where crime happens around the clock and nothing new if a gang orchestrates another drive by shooting. Happens everyday and you stop noticing or just accept the dangerous surroundings as normal. It is not the way life should be. It is not Maine.

Think of the way you open up, unwind and breath easy when suddenly you are on a Maine lake.

Black fresh coffee or however you like it in your hand. A duck lands, quack quack quacks good morning. A pair or fisherman drone by to be the first on the Maine lake. With plenty of bait, a refreshment or two, some snacks and prepared for a day on the open water. Casting lines, wetting their hooks. And whining by your open deck in a laboring, underpowered heavy old boat inherited from a uncle with no kids. Who taught the operator how to fish when he was a youngster. And the tradition with his own children happens right on schedule.Gets passed down.

Or biking to the top of Cadillac Mountain, skiing down the side of Sugarloaf’s Buckboard or Skidder snow trail. Traversing the tableland of Mt Katahdin after stepping up and over the last rock with an iron rung on Abol Trail. Or walking, window shopping in a quaint salt air rich Maine sea coastal harbor town. Pick your pleasure, set your course.

Remember the advice of the health care provider on your end who says, no pushes you to Maine for what ails you. Get outdoors and have some fun. Learn some answers to life’s puzzle outdoors. Where we all collect pieces one at a time, over the long haul. Don’t keep her waiting.

Maine, simple, real, honest, natural. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker